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101 men's places in Frankfurt Societäts Verlag

101 men's places in Frankfurt

von: Christian Setzepfandt, Frank Berger, Jutta Zwilling

erschienen: Societäts Verlag

am 02.11.2017

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After three volumes about unplaces, followed by books about women's places and money places, "101 men's places" is now the next city guide of a slightly different kind. The beauty of these books is that they present Frankfurt as a very multi-faceted city, immerse a little in the history of the Main metropolis and at the same time present places that Frankfurters may know from passing by, but whose significance has remained hidden until now. This is also the case with the 101 male locations visited in this book. In comparison to the other volumes of the series, it is different that here we work with much more irony and wink.

In order to come as close as possible to social reality, as the authors themselves write in the preface, "a gay man, a hetero man and a woman have come together amicably". The three did not want to be restricted by political correctness either, which is why there are a few places for men here that one would perhaps not have expected in the book - although they are quite unambiguous places for men. But it is precisely in such moments that men should read the book with a certain self-irony, for it is written with a certain self-irony.

Alongside a few very unambiguous and enormously different places for men, such as the brothels in the railway station district or the Information Centre for Men's Questions, there are also places that are not per se men's places and only become such through the predominant dominance of the male sex there. These include, for example, the sobering cell on track 24 of Frankfurt Central Station as well as the board of the DZ Bank or the model flight group of the Frankfurt Association for Aviation.

As in the other books, "101 Men's Places" is also characterized by the fact that a look is taken here at very different facets of our city and some previously unknown sides come to light. The reader learns something here about places that one regularly passes by without knowing what is hidden there or what of historical relevance once took place here. And even if it is a lot more about sex and toilets than in the other books, there is no need to fear that we men are reduced here only to our lower body region. An interesting, humorous and really colourful city guide - not only for men. Recommended]

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