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99 x Rhein-Main area as you don't know it yet Bruckmann Verlag GmbH

99 x Rhein-Main area as you don't know it yet

von: Astrid Biesemeier

erschienen: Bruckmann Verlag GmbH

am 20.01.2014

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Amazon Link : 99 x Rhein-Main area as you don't know it yet

How well do you know the Rhein-Main area? There should be many places and sights of which almost everyone who lives here has heard of at least once. However, the Rhine-Main region also has many exciting and varied sides, which are rather regarded as a secret tip or, despite a certain degree of popularity, still have a lot of surprises to offer. The authoress and Lektorin Astrid Biesemeier collected 99 exciting Tipps, by which the Rhine Main area can be experienced also for connoisseurs still again.

The places and recommendations, which Biesemeier presents in its book 99x Rhine Main area like it not yet know , reflect the versatility of the region very beautifully. Art, culture, history, shopping, feasting or just having fun - all this can be experienced with these 99 suggestions. The reader not only gets to know the most original miniature golf course in the region or learns what lies behind the "Happy German Platz". There are also excursions to the Nibelungen Museum in Worms, to Auerbach Castle or Frankfurt's Huthpark, a visit to the "Mal Seh`n" cinema or a relaxing detour to the Kaiser Friedrich Therme in Wiesbaden. And also the trip with the Whisky-Tram, a view into the book and media collection of the German National Library or also a short visit into the deepest sparkling wine cellars of the world belong undoubtedly to the highlights of this varied book.

The respective tips are presented in short, very descriptive and informative texts. These usually comprise half a page to a whole page, but in most cases this is quite enough to make the reader want to rediscover these places or look at familiar things with new eyes. In addition to general information such as address and Internet presence, some of the recommendations are accompanied by specially highlighted tips that point out special offers, for example. In addition there are still some very responding pictures, which contribute likewise to the positive general impression.

One notices to each individual tip in 99x Rhine Main area like they do not know it yet , that the authoress loves her region and would like to pass this love on also with her recommendations to the readers. And even if not every suggestion is equally interesting or really unknown for all readers, there is still enough new, exciting, amusing and interesting things for everyone to discover, which one would like to experience and visit after the comfortable browse in the own four walls then also times. So if you want to rediscover your region or rediscover the familiar, this book is the place to be! Recommended]

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