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Cycling in Frankfurt & Rhein-Main Journal Frankfurt

Cycling in Frankfurt & Rhein-Main

erschienen: Journal Frankfurt

am 16.05.2013

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Amazon Link : Cycling in Frankfurt & Rhein-Main

Cycling in Frankfurt has many advantages: you don't have to struggle with the sometimes confusing traffic management and the eternal search for a parking space, you can reach almost all destinations in the city centre quickly on uncomplicated routes and you don't have to be annoyed by delays on the underground and suburban trains or overcrowded trains. On the other hand, cycling in the city is not always a pleasure: parked bike paths, ruthless car or bicycle drivers, inattentive pedestrians who prefer to use their mobile phones rather than pay attention to whether they are walking on the bike path and, of course, the numerous construction sites that sometimes force cyclists to not exactly harmless evasive manoeuvres - all these are just some of the annoyances with which cyclists are confronted every day in Frankfurt. But just how much fun cycling can be in the city and the region is illustrated by the new special issue "Cycling in Frankfurt & Rhine-Main" from the Journal Frankfurt.

The reader is not only introduced to several tours. Also many tips for safety, the right equipment, the perfect snacks for a bicycle tour or the best specialist shops in the region are offered to the reader here. There will also be a short trip through the history of the traditional race "Rund um den Henninger-Turm", which is now called "Rund um den Finanzplatz eschborn-Frankfurt". You will also learn how to save taxes on your bike or how to use your smartphone as a bicycle navigation device with the right apps. And hr3 presenter Tim Frühling then lets the readers participate in his turbulent experiences while cycling over the Frankfurt Aleenring.

These informative and entertaining contributions are followed by 35 cycle routes, which can be separated out if necessary. On one side there is a simple map showing the length of the route, the altitude difference to be covered, the journey time and the calories burned. On the other hand, there is a good description of the route, which is supplemented with tips for stopping for a break and for arriving and departing by public transport. The tours are divided into the themes "Forest & Meadow", "River & Lake", "Mountain & Valley", "With High-Speed", "With Sightseeing", "With Children" and "With Overnight Stay".

Ranges between 55 minutes and over 13 hours with different levels of difficulty are offered here to all cycling enthusiasts. No matter if you like it more comfortable or if you want to do sports, if you just want to enjoy nature or visit sights, here you will definitely find the right tour.

"Cycling in Frankfurt & Rhein-Main" is a very informative special issue that shows how much fun it can be to explore the region by bike, if you show a little forethought and consideration, keep your bike in good shape and get on your bike with the right equipment. You can buy the magazine in well-assorted book and magazine stores or HERE

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