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Fifty things...a Hessian must have done! hr / Zeitgeist Media GmbH

Fifty things...a Hessian must have done!

von: Reinhard Ehret, Philipp Schild

erschienen: hr / Zeitgeist Media GmbH

am 19.11.2012

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Amazon Link : Fifty things...a Hessian must have done!

Hesse is an incredibly versatile region where you can experience a lot. Cultural, culinary, sporting, historical, there are many exciting, interesting and simply beautiful things that can be experienced in this federal state. Hessischer Rundfunk has called on the listeners of hr3 and the viewers of hr television to choose "Fifty things a Hessian must have done..." from the mass of attractions, sights and actions that are absolutely worth experiencing in the region. The results selected by this action were then tested by the hr3 moderators Anna Lena Dörr and Tobi Kämmerer for radio and television in amusing contributions. But that's not all. Now the "Fifty things a Hesse must have done..." have also been published in book form.

The book leads the reader to the dinosaurs in Frankfurt's Senckenberg Museum, on a cultural-historical journey to the Hessenpark open-air museum, to diving at the bottom of Lake Edersee or to hours of reflection in Lorsch Monastery. A tour through Frankfurt's railway station district was also chosen as one of the "fifty things... a Hessian must have done", as was a morning dew walk through the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park, a round with the Röhnrad through the Röhn or a walk in the footsteps of Elvis in Bad Nauheim. Richly illustrated, the individual placements are presented in entertainingly written text contributions, which are concluded by some helpful tips (addresses, opening times, prices, Internet addresses, etc.). And also the text of the unofficial Hessian national anthem of the Rodgau Monotones and some regional recipes has this versatile, entertaining and informative book to offer.

As a little bonus you get some vouchers for some of the presented sights. Reduced admission prices, 2 for 1 offers or small free gifts offer an additional incentive not only to read about the "Fifty things a Hesse must have done..." but also to tackle them yourself. There will certainly be very few who want to put all 50 tips into practice. Because a visit to the climbing forest, Formula 1 shows in Heppenheim or a ride in a hot-air balloon are not everyone's cup of tea. Even the production of Ahler Wurscht or a visit to the Hessian state parliament should not be on the wish list of all Hessians. But one thing is for sure: in this book everyone will surely find a suggestion for a nice excursion, an exciting adventure or even for a very special gift. And this is exactly what this book does: absolutely recommendable!

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