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Frankfurt Airport - Bodenzauber und Höhenspiele Societäts Verlag

Frankfurt Airport - Bodenzauber und Höhenspiele

von: Fraport AG (Hg.)

erschienen: Societäts Verlag

am 14.10.2011

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Amazon Link : Frankfurt Airport - Bodenzauber und Höhenspiele

Frankfurt Airport and especially Fraport AG are currently not among the most popular in some regions around Frankfurt. The expansion of the airport and the opening of a new runway have significantly reduced the quality of life in some areas. What is enormously important for Frankfurt as a business location is a burden for others that is hardly noticeably diminished even by the current ban on night flights. The fact that a book about the airport published by Fraport AG does not or only superficially deal with this problem should come as no surprise. But can such a book counteract the negative mood and make the many positive aspects and interesting sides of Frankfurt Airport palatable to the reader?

"Frankfurt Airport - Bodenzauber und Höhenspiele" makes every effort to achieve these goals. But this is only really possible in parts. The double-sided photos, which can be seen right at the beginning, are undoubtedly among the highlights of the book. They capture the fascinating atmosphere, the size and the hustle and bustle at the airport perfectly. There could have been more of these in the book. Because otherwise the extensive work is arguably text-heavy. This is very worth reading in some places, such as when the reader is given an insight into the work of customs or the many different jobs that workers from all over the world do. It is also very exciting to get an idea of the logistical processes that have to interlock here in order for everything to run smoothly.

But when it comes to image and economic significance, the texts are sometimes very objective and very dry, the book then gets a bit of the character of a beautifully designed image brochure. Certainly, the work probably doesn't want to be anything else. But for the quite "normal" reader these passages of the book are certainly of little interest. Is it still worth looking into the band? The answer is quite clear: yes. The photos and some of the contributions offer a glimpse behind the scenes of Franfurt Airport, a large company that only a few people who do not work there are offered such a comprehensive view.

Surely those people who do not benefit from the economic benefits of the airport but suffer from the growing aircraft noise will not become big Fraport fans through this book either. But if you feel attracted by the fascination of the airport, if you want to know what personalities like Sebastian Vettel, Steffi Jones or Max Hollein have to say about the airport or if you just want to take a look behind the scenes, this book can be recommended despite some very dry places!

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