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Frankfurt am Main - Culture and Pleasure pmv – Peter Meyer Verlag

Frankfurt am Main - Culture and Pleasure

von: Annette Sievers

erschienen: pmv – Peter Meyer Verlag

am 20.07.2008

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Amazon Link : Frankfurt am Main - Culture and Pleasure

There are many city guides. But in most cases they often remain on the surface when it comes to information content and limit themselves to conveying practical, yet sober information. This makes the reading of such city guides a rather dry affair. Not so the cultural and pleasure guide Annette Sievers wrote about Frankfurt am Main.

On 416 pages Sievers takes the reader on a journey through the Main metropolis, gives many useful tips for staying and stopping, but also provides a comprehensive picture of the city's history, the atmosphere in the individual districts and thus establishes the versatility of Frankfurt, which makes this city so attractive. The history of the cathedral and the Romans, a visit to the Kleinmarkthalle, a stroll through the railway station quarter, a detour into the rich museum landscape or a look at the parks, gardens and small oases of the city make this richly illustrated book a real treat.

The book is not only intended for newcomers to Frankfurt. Old-established Frankfurters can also find some insider tips here that will show them completely new aspects of their city. This makes you want to break away from everyday life in the city and rediscover Frankfurt with completely new eyes.

Besides the very informative and well-researched texts, the book provides a lot of useful information on opening hours and directions to various facilities, to weekly markets or to various tours through the city. Rounded off with a map atlas and traffic route map, hardly any wishes remain unfulfilled. "Frankfurt am Main - Culture and Pleasure" is not only an extremely useful, but also a versatile, exciting, amusing and instructive companion through the Main metropolis. For every Frankfurt-lover and everybody who wants to discover the city for himself, absolutely recommendable!

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