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Frankfurt & Rhein-Main with children Journal Frankfurt Führer

Frankfurt & Rhein-Main with children

erschienen: Journal Frankfurt Führer

am 01.04.2014

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Amazon Link : Frankfurt & Rhein-Main with children

Where can my child play at its best, where can I still experience nature? Where can birthdays be celebrated and where are there cultural offers suitable for children? Who do I turn to if my child has problems learning or with his or her classmates? Where can you buy well and cheaply? And how do I offer my child delicious, but also healthy food? Not only parents in the big city deal with these and many other questions on a daily basis. For the region Frankfurt and Rhine Main there is now from the journal Frankfurt a special booklet, which offers answers to many of these questions and numerous helpful Tipps to topics such as move, discovering, meal, health, finances, pregnancy and birth offers.

On scarcely 150 sides and in four small special booklets for removing tries Frankfurt & Rhine Main with children a compact, clear and in particular helpful councellor for everything, which has to do with spare time and education to be. And the attractively designed magazine does a very good job of it! Some areas are being somewhat neglected. For example, the children's and youth libraries listed here are only a fraction of what the region has to offer. Dedicated houses such as the Kelsterbach City and School Library, whose children's and youth section is characterised by an incredibly wide range of offerings that offers children of all ages more than some of the recommendations listed here, unfortunately fall by the wayside. But altogether the Tipps are extensive and above all versatile enough, in order to be able to satisfy each need and all different tastes.

It is particularly beautiful that this booklet was made not only for, but also with children. At the beginning, some children are allowed to tell what makes Frankfurt and the surrounding area so great for children in their eyes and where there is still room for improvement. The texts which introduce the various sections are written very interestingly and also offer a lot of helpful advice, for example when it comes to the topic "Safe surfing on the net" or the right to a day-care place is addressed. The presented venues, localities and institutions are clearly described in short accompanying texts and all necessary information such as address, internet presence, opening hours or contact possibilities are provided.

It is very difficult to adequately cover all different areas on 150 pages. Fun, health, worries, education - these are all topics that could fill entire books in their own right. But "Frankfurt & Rhein-Main mit Kindern" succeeds very well in concentrating on the essentials and thus offering parents a very good and helpful overview of what can make the lives of their children in and around Frankfurt more beautiful, exciting and safe. As a small bonus, there are also 24 leisure vouchers for families which offer discounts, 2 for 1 offer and free admission to selected partners (Palmengarten Galli Theater, Waldzoo Offenbach, Deutsches Filmmuseum, etc.). All this and the low price of only 5,80 Euro makes this special issue for families absolutely recommendable!

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