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Frankfurt's Apfelweinführer Henrich Editionen

Frankfurt's Apfelweinführer

von: Konstantin Kalveram und Michael Rühl

erschienen: Henrich Editionen

am 06.05.2011

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Amazon Link : Frankfurt's Apfelweinführer

What could be nicer in Frankfurt than meeting friends after a stressful day at work to shake off the stress in a rustic atmosphere with a nice glass of apple wine? No matter whether in the cold season in cosy guest rooms or in summer in atmospheric gardens, enjoying a nice bottle of wine with like-minded people is as much a part of Frankfurt as the skyline, the Handkäs and the Green Sauce.

In order to make the decision which cider pub to visit a little easier, Konstantin Kalveram and Michael Rühl have put together 36 selected restaurants in "Frankfurt's cider guide", which they present to the reader in words and pictures. In a handy pocket format, the booklet offers all the important information from the address to the website, opening hours, directions and seating capacity. In addition, there is a small accompanying text which gives a brief insight into the culinary offer and the ambience. Particularly interesting for Stöffch fans might be the short descriptions of the respective house apple wines. After all, the most beautiful ambience is of no use if the Äppelwoi does not meet your personal taste. And those who have already been to several different apple wine bars will be able to confirm that the differences are extremely noticeable with under .

The nice and helpful texts are supplemented by appealing photos that put the respective establishment in the right light. As it is not enough to know the bare facts, the booklet is completed by a small apple wine ABC, with which also foreigners or Stöffche beginners will do well in the different localities. Although not all details are correct (the telephone number of the Stalburg was confused with that of the theatre), "Frankfurt's Apfelweinführer" is a very beautifully designed companion for the next visit to one of the numerous cider bars. Whether rustic or modern, whether insider tip or scene meeting, here everyone finds exactly the right locality. Well then, cheers!

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