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Handmade! manufactories in Frankfurt and surroundings Henrich Editionen

Handmade! manufactories in Frankfurt and surroundings

von: Susanne Stahl

erschienen: Henrich Editionen

am 27.04.2015

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Amazon Link : Handmade! manufactories in Frankfurt and surroundings

The artist B?CK has drawn a wonderful cartoon in which a couple strolls through a typical inner city. In the background you can see the usual chain stores. The text to this picture reads: "Honey, I'll google the city we're in right now"! Sounds exaggerated, but it's not really far from reality. More and more small traditional shops are being driven out of the centres, which are dominated by the same chains of shops. And somehow it all looks the same. The reason for this is of course quickly found: where goods are offered cheaply, more is often bought. The fact that underpaid workers and inferior materials are sometimes used for this purpose is unfortunately accepted by consumers in excessive numbers.

It is all the more important that smaller manufactories from the region are also supported. Their articles may sometimes be a little more expensive, but as a buyer you know where they come from. In "Handgefertigt" Susanne Stahl presents some of these manufactories from Frankfurt and the surrounding area. Whether ceramics, children's fashion, lampshades, loudspeakers or dolls, whether goldsmith's work, shoes, paper objects, flowers or leather gloves - here really many different facets of the term "handmade" are covered.

Helpful information about the individual workshops - such as addresses, opening times, web presence, etc. - Susanne Stahl introduces the individual plants in short accompanying texts. These are supplemented by numerous photos which provide a good insight into the work of the respective manufactories and their products. A total of thirty selected manufactories from Frankfurt and the surrounding area will be presented, and readers will quickly be enthusiastic about the truly diverse range of products on offer beyond the big shopping malls. And if you want to give free rein to your creativity after reading this booklet, you will get some information about courses and workshops in the region.

Who wants to know where something comes from, for which you spend your money and who wants to support manufacturers from the region, should definitely go on a little trip through the manufactories in and around Frankfurt with the help of this book. Absolutely recommended!

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