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Herzhaft Hessisch - Ein Bildwörterbuch Societäts Verlag

Herzhaft Hessisch - Ein Bildwörterbuch

von: Hans W. Wolff

erschienen: Societäts Verlag

am 12.04.2013

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Amazon Link : Herzhaft Hessisch - Ein Bildwörterbuch

After having presented a very special language course with "From Affezäggus to Zabbelfillibb", Hans W. Wolff is now adding to it with his latest work "Herzhaft Hessisch". Again supported by illustrations by Ludwig Nardelli, Wolff explains keywords, dialect terms and idiomatic expressions in his usual amusing, typically Hessian manner, whereby in his foreword he more strongly delimits the whole regionally. For, according to Wolff, his "Bischelsche" primarily contained words and sayings with "southern Hesse-Frankforderischem Zungeschlaach". Those who come from the far north or from "other Hessian outskirts" can still enjoy the picture dictionary. Because you don't have to "babble about the Zeusch from the Bischelsche here".

On the following 130 pages the reader then learns why you quickly become an "insulting Lewwerscht", if you have some "Hutsimbel as "Aaschgeich", or why it is quite possible that as an excessive "Gorschelschwenker" you also have to "Bröggelscher husde". One learns what can be so "bambele" with men and women, when one "brings Dibbsche to Iwwerlaafe" or what "Lumbeseggel" is about.

You notice in every line of this book that Hans W. Wolff loves his dialect and knows how to deal with it. With a lot of charm, bite and self-irony he makes the reader smile, sometimes sisch schibbelisch laugh. For this he often only needs a few words and short sentences, in which he plays so skilfully with the Hessian dialect that it's just a bright joy. But Wolff cannot only entertain with his book in the best way. Through his use of the dialect, he also shows what we Hesse are like: even if we sometimes sound a little rough or gruff, we are basically really likeable - "Herzhaft Hessisch". And therefore there is a deserved one for this sympathetic and amusing picture dictionary: absolutely recommendable!

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