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Hessen Häppchen - Land.Leute.Leibgerichte B3 Verlag

Hessen Häppchen - Land.Leute.Leibgerichte

von: Tim Thiel (Fotos)

erschienen: B3 Verlag

am 01.05.2009

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Amazon Link : Hessen Häppchen - Land.Leute.Leibgerichte

Hessen is a multifaceted region, rich in culture and nature, cosmopolitan and rural, economic and artistic. This diversity is of course also reflected in the kitchen, which is also characterised by an enormous wealth of facets. The beautifully designed book "Hessen Häpchen" illuminates the land, people and personal dishes of Hessen in a way that is worth reading and seeing.

On 264 pages, the book takes the reader on a journey through the beautiful land in the heart of Europe. Not only different regions of Hessen are visited, from Kassel to the Odenwald, from Nassau to the Rhön, but also numerous interesting and particularly creative Hessen, which are allowed to present their favourite dishes. Whether Olympic champion Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff, the players of the Kassel Huskies, cook Rainer Holzhauer swimmer Helge Meeuw or Heinrich Donatus Philipp Umberto Prince of Hesse, they are all part of the book that combines the cultural with the culinary and the human with the regional.

The short portraits and interviews are interesting as well as amusing and offer the reader an entertaining pleasure. Here you can learn something about Frankfurt's most popular sausage, take a look behind the scenes of a very special cuisine at Frankfurt's Städelschule, barbecue with the Kassel Huskies, learn important things about sparkling wine from the "Prinz von Hessen" winery or be a guest of the Wolf family, who in their domicile on the edge of the Bodenwald forest delight guests with only home-made and home-harvested products. The beautiful texts are tasted with appealing photographs by Tim Thiel, who captured the mood and charm of the respective chapters perfectly.

As versatile as the state of Hesse and its people, so are the recipes presented in the book. Whether ribs with cabbage, spinach casserole, trout mousse or strawberry tartlets, Earl Grey iced tea, lentil soup with quail breast or fennel orange salad, here sophisticated alternates with simple, fresh with hearty and sweet with salty. The recipes are listed in a way that is easy to understand, the finished dishes are photographed in such a tasty way that the reader's mouth watered as soon as he looked at the pictures.

It is also particularly beautiful that the book's versatility in terms of land, people and personal dishes has also been implemented in the visual design of the book. The design changes again and again, whereby the adherence to a certain black thread prevents the whole thing from appearing chaotic or unprofessional.

"Hessen Häppchen" is an appealing, entertaining and tasty tour through Hessen, which has been lovingly designed and implemented as worth seeing. Not a simple cookbook, not a simple portrait of a region, but something very special: the best appetizers from Hesse!

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