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Im Bahnhofsviertel - Expeditions to a legendary district B3 Verlag

Im Bahnhofsviertel - Expeditions to a legendary district

von: Jürgen Lentes und Jürgen Roth (Hrsg.)

erschienen: B3 Verlag

am 01.04.2011

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Amazon Link : Im Bahnhofsviertel - Expeditions to a legendary district

Das Frankfurter Bahnhofviertel does not really have the best reputation. But even if prostitution and drugs still dominate the appearance of the quarter at many corners today, the station and its surroundings are still a part of the Main metropolis marked by versatility and history, with many fascinating and also beautiful sides. Jürgen Lentes and Jürgen Roth pay tribute to the railway station district in a nobly designed book, which captures the many different facets of the district perfectly with numerous texts, cartoons and photos.

"Im Bahnhofsviertel" collects numerous original texts and contributions around the Frankfurt railway station and the adjacent streets. In addition to the cabaret artist Matthias Beltz, who died much too early in 2002, Norbert Rojan, founder of the B3 publishing house, Andreas Dosch from Journal Frankfurt, writer Jakob Arjouni ("Happy Birthday, Türke!"), literary scholar Heiner Boehncke, writer Eva Demski, the cartoonists Greser & Lenz, satirist Thomas Gsella, Rundschau editor Anne Lemhöfer or Titanic draughtsman and editor Stephan Rürup. As different as the various authors and draughtsmen are, so different is the tone they strike in their contributions. Some texts are more factual and informative, others humorous and satirical and others nostalgic.


img src="fileadmin/bilder/buch/2011/imbahnhofsviertelins.jpg" alt=""" width="277" height="208" />

The photos by Thomas Goos and Andreas Stimpert complement the lyrics and cartoons perfectly and make this volume a real pleasure for mind and eye. Whether an excursion to the roof of the station, a walk through the red light district, a visit to the guitar shop Cream music, a journey into the past of the quarter or watching the hectic traffic around the station forecourt, "Im Bahnhofsviertel" takes the reader on an exciting, amusing and interesting journey around the place that connects Frankfurt with the rest of Germany, Europe and the world.

If the hustle and bustle at the main station is too hectic for you, an evening walk through the streets is too risky or if you simply want to discover sides of the station quarter that you don't really see at first glance, you should definitely visit this part of Frankfurt in the form of "Im Bahnhofsviertel". A beautiful, entertaining and versatile book, which also proves that the station quarter is much better, more interesting and more beautiful than its reputation!

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