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It's coming the right way Carlsen

It's coming the right way

von: Ralph Ruthe & Bodo Bach

erschienen: Carlsen

am 22.08.2015

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What happens when one of Germany's most successful cartoonists joins forces with the probably most successful comedian in Hessen? Quite simple: An amusing collection of "Cartoons uff Hessisch" under the title "Es kimmt wie`s kimmt". The drawings by Ralph Ruthe paired with the humour of Bodo Bach - this is an interesting and amusing mixture, which always makes small and big laughs.

Cats with nine lives, a visit to a palm reader, the first time travellers, hungry vultures, dogs on holiday or a detour to hell - Ruthe and Bach offer a colourful collection of comic cartoons, which are given a very special touch by the Hessian dialect. If you want to know why mummies shouldn't tell each other thigh beaters, what the spoon app is and why Pinocchio sometimes shouldn't lie, you shouldn't miss this book. And who ever doubted that Hessisch is not only a very charming dialect against all prejudices, but can also be used humoristically perfectly, will be taught a better lesson! Recommended]

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