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Mirko Reeh: Pasta Pasta & The Sauce Makes It! Books on Demand GmbH

Mirko Reeh: Pasta Pasta & The Sauce Makes It!

von: Mirko Reeh

erschienen: Books on Demand GmbH

am 22.07.2011

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Amazon Link : Mirko Reeh: Pasta Pasta & The Sauce Makes It!

There are a lot of new things at Mirko Reeh. Not only has he completely redesigned his cooking school in Frankfurt, which means he can now offer his courses in rooms equipped to the highest standards. Reeh has also published two new cookbooks: PASTA PASTA with his favourite pasta recipes and DIE SOßE MACHT`S. In addition to all kinds of delicious recipes, these books also offer many practical tips for everyday cooking.


On 220 pages Reeh offers a wide range of noodle recipes. No matter if you like it more traditional or if you like it to be something more unusual, if it has to go fast or if the preparation can take a bit more time and effort, the book offers the right recipe for every taste and occasion. In addition to macaroni and cheese or lasagne, there are recipes such as saffron-poppy ravioli or fried ravioli with asparagus filling or a ricotta parmesan tartlet in a purple pasta nest and saffron foam. Reeh's presentation of these dishes is limited to the essentials: in addition to the preparation time and the ingredients, the reader is explained the preparation in simple, comprehensible steps. Important basic knowledge about pasta cooking and a list of the things you should absolutely have for it are vividly conveyed in the first part of the book. The recipes themselves are then divided into the categories VEGETARIC, FISH, MEAT and DESSERT.

Simple but nevertheless culinary stimulating pictures complete this extensive collection of recipes. Here you will find the right recipe for almost every occasion and every taste. Reading and trying it out is of course a lot of fun! So if you want to cook some pasta variations far away from Spagetti Bolognese (which you can also find here in a delicious version), this cookbook can be warmly recommended to you.


It's no secret that an already good dish only becomes really excellent with the right sauce. But which sauce goes with which dish, which tasty dips and dressings intensify the taste experience and which sauces make sweets even sweeter? Mirko Reeh has compiled 126 sauces in this book, whereby here too the clear and easily comprehensible way of presenting the recipe stands out - in addition to the versatility of the sauces presented, of course. Whether ketchups, classic Thai curries, spicy yoghurt sauce or cherry sauce, whether Caribbean curry, sour cucumber salsa or vodka mayonnaise dressing, whether warm, cold or sweet sauces, the book has the right answer for all sauce questions. And as befits a cookbook from the region, the Green Sauce is also a must.

PASTA PASTA and DIE SOßE MACHT`S are two recommendable cookbooks that are also made for hobby chefs who perhaps do not have a great deal of previous culinary knowledge, but still want to pamper the palates of their guests - or of course their own - with unusual or simply delicious delicacies. Versatile, clear, enriched with helpful tips and easily understandable preparation descriptions, that's exactly how a good cookbook should be. And that's what makes these two books: Recommended!

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