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My Frankfurt am Main - City Guide for Children Henrich Editionen

My Frankfurt am Main - City Guide for Children

von: Bettina Tenge-Lyazami & Leonore Poth

erschienen: Henrich Editionen

am 09.06.2014

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Amazon Link : My Frankfurt am Main - City Guide for Children

Frankfurt is generally regarded as a child-friendly city. There are numerous offers especially aimed at small Frankfurters, institutions, playgrounds, concerts, a children's museum and much more. There are also some publications that give parents tips for such offers and focus on Frankfurt for children. But so far such books have only been available for parents. In contrast to many other major cities, Frankfurt has not yet had a city guide specially designed for children. But this is now finally changing with "Mein Frankfurt am Main" by Bettina Tenge-Lyazami and Leonore Poth.

The book is aimed at children up to 12 years of age who either come to visit Frankfurt, have moved to the city anew or simply want to get to know their home better. The different pages and offers of Frankfurt are presented in an equally informative and entertaining way, whereby the usual city tours of many other children's city guides were deliberately omitted here. Rather, children should be able to individually select what they are particularly interested in and thus be able to put together their very own tour of the city. On each double page, the book takes its young readers to the children's museum, to the legendary water houses, to the underground of Frankfurt or to the imperial cathedral, shows them how public transport works or what culinary delights are typical of Frankfurt. Bettina Tenge-Lyazami delivers all important information in an entertaining way in short text contributions well tailored to the target group, while Leonore Poth decorates the whole thing with charming illustrations. The result is a very colourful and appealing, but not overburdened overall impression that appeals to its target group very well and offers them a lot to discover. This beautiful overall impression is then complemented by numerous current and historical illustrations.

What makes "Mein Frankfurt am Main" so successful is the fact that the book is not limited to providing information. Of course, the young readers can learn a lot about the history of the city, famous personalities, Jewish Frankfurt, museums, the stock exchange or the skyline on almost 100 pages. But at the same time the book also invites them to actively participate, poses puzzles and tasks or offers other possibilities for creative participation. This not only increases the fun of this lovingly designed book. Rather, the intensified involvement with the individual topics also increases the desire to put them into practice. And that's particularly praiseworthy, because as much as it's fun to assign painted dinosaurs correctly, seeing a real dinosaur skeleton in the Senckenberg Natural History Museum is much more exciting.

Bettina Tenge-Lyazami and Leonore Poth have created a really beautiful book that is perfectly tailored to the target group and that not only makes reading fun for children, but also offers them many great ideas for rediscovering or rediscovering the numerous facets of Frankfurt. Frankfurt had to wait a long time for a children's city guide - but the waiting was really worth it! For all little Frankfurt-Fans and those who want to become one, absolutely recommendable!

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