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My Frankfurt Roots Eigenverlag

My Frankfurt Roots

von: Rudolf K Wagner

erschienen: Eigenverlag

am 01.11.2013

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Amazon Link : My Frankfurt Roots

"My Frankfurt Roots" with the subtitle "an unfinished family story" questions the author's silent origin in the family during his lifetime.

Oma Anna had come after her elementary school time in Hersfeld with approx. 14 years, probably in the year 1887, as a housemaid into one of the richest Frankfurt families, the brewery owner Carl Friedrich Henrich.

In his rather difficult marriage the oldest surviving son of the family, Rudolph Henrich, pregnant with approx. 38 years old Granny Anna, who was 35 years old at that time and had already been employed in the family for 21 years and had worked her way up from housemaid to the first force in the house.

Granny Anna was then complimented out of the house and the illegitimate son Rudolf Schneider was born in February 1909.

Rudolph Henrich was not only grandfather of the author Rudolf K. Wagner but also grandfather of the honorary citizen of Frankfurt, Bruno H. Schubert ( 1919-2010), who died at the age of 90 in October 2010.

To ask questions in time when parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents were still alive, the author also failed. Therefore it has remained an unfinished family history with many "white" gaps. But it is an attempt to restore identities and show their living conditions.

The abundantly illustrated book has been published by the author himself.

Interested parties can buy the book in bookstores, via Amazon or directly from the author against payment in advance at a price of 16.50 euros.

113 pages, 28 illustrations, format A 5, hardcover

ISBN 978-3-00-039807-0

Quelle: Rudolf K. Wagner

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