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Offenbach on foot Societäts Verlag

Offenbach on foot

von: Ingrid Walter

erschienen: Societäts Verlag

am 29.04.2013

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Amazon Link : Offenbach on foot

Offenbach does not necessarily have the reputation of being a particularly attractive city. This rather superficial impression is not only represented by the people of Frankfurt, who have always had a rivalry with their neighbour Offenbach, which is often quite friendly. But the fifth largest city in Hessen has many beautiful sides to offer, some obvious, others rather hidden, which are worth discovering. How worthwhile a visit to Offenbach can be, Ingrid Walter makes clear in her new book "Offenbach on foot", in which she takes the reader on a colourful walk through the city.

Walter strolls through venerable avenues or along the Main from Isenburg Castle to Rumpenheim Castle, visits temples, churches, mosques and an old cemetery, makes a detour into the Offenbach art world and strolls through the shopping paradise Wilhelmsplatz. She offers her readers a total of seven different tours of different lengths, enriching the detailed descriptions of the routes and sights with information about the route length, the nature of the routes, how to get there by public transport, opening times, admission prices, websites and places to stop for refreshments.

The whole thing is complemented by numerous illustrations and road map excerpts that make it easier for the reader to follow the tours after reading them. The descriptions are very descriptive and always reveal the author's love for her city. Ingrid Walter manages very well not only to make other Offenbachers, but also readers from neighbouring cities want to explore the city in which Goethe liked to "recover from the hustle and bustle of his hometown" in all its facets. It doesn't matter if you are an art lover or if you are more interested in the history of the city, if you want to experience culture or go shopping in a relaxed way, or if you just want to take a nice walk in the green. This book offers the right tour for every mood.

"Offenbach zu Fuß" is another book worth reading in the Societäts series, which has already taken the reader on foot through cities such as Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Kassel or Fulde. For all those who want to convince themselves that Offenbach is far better and more beautiful than its reputation, this walk is absolutely recommendable!

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