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Police Frankfurt am Main Societäts Verlag

Police Frankfurt am Main

von: Jörg Lang und Frank B. Metzner

erschienen: Societäts Verlag

am 25.01.2012

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Amazon Link : Police Frankfurt am Main

The police, your friend and helper! This is a matter of course for many. Well, the police are also often criticised, for example if demonstrators are taken to task or if you are caught in traffic offences. But first and foremost gratitude prevails - or so it should be - when the police come to help with break-ins, accidents, disputes, minor or major crimes. But how does such a police apparatus work in a big city like Frankfurt am Main? What happens when the officers move away again and the actual work begins for them? The two policemen Jörg Lang and Frank B. Metzner answer these and other questions in their book "Polizei Frankfurt am Main" in an entertaining, interesting, exciting and sometimes surprising way.

The authors accomplish this in a variety of ways. On the one hand, they guide the reader through the history of the police in Frankfurt, from its beginnings to the present day. Selected case studies illustrate not only how the nature of the crimes has changed over time, but also the methods of investigation. Of course, the old and the new police headquarters are also the subject of the book in this context, although it is also well illustrated here how important it is for an institution like the police to move with the times and avoid stagnation. Only in this way can aid and the fight against crime be guaranteed.

On the other hand, Lang and Metzner but also introduce the various departments within the police apparatus. Here it is revealed how many gears have to mesh and function in order for the work of the police to function. Since most people associate only the officers who are on patrol every day with police work, this part of the book is particularly interesting. Finally, the reader is also given a brief glimpse into the criminal museum, whose visit should be particularly interesting after reading this book.

Whether demonstrations, bomb attacks, murder or handbag robbery, whether on foot, on a bicycle, in a patrol car, on horseback or in a police helicopter, whether on the streets of Frankfurt or in the laboratory, the work of the police is more versatile and complex than you might think at first glance. And exactly for this reason "Police Frankfurt am Main" is also a really informative, entertaining and informative book, the information content of which is intensified by an enclosed CD-Rom with about 500 pictures. Recommended]

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