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Potatoes, fish & poultry - Buying good food in Frankfurt and the surrounding area Henrich Editionen

Potatoes, fish & poultry - Buying good food in Frankfurt and the surrounding area

von: Konstantin Kalveram & Michael Rühl

erschienen: Henrich Editionen

am 15.05.2012

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Amazon Link : Potatoes, fish & poultry - Buying good food in Frankfurt and the surrounding area

After numerous food scandals, public discussions or documentaries such as "Taste the Waste", conscious shopping has become more and more important for people. It is still true for too many people that it is best to buy as much as possible for as little money as possible. And this is only possible if you accept certain quality restrictions and prefer not to ask where the products come from. But instead of saving on quality, customers should be more conscious of really only buying what they need. Because in view of the fact that each year food for a multi-digit million amount is simply thrown away, it should be clear that more conscious shopping can already save the purse. And this saved money can then be invested in better food again.

Whoever believes that it is actually only possible in the country to get food, where you can see and check exactly where it comes from, is greatly mistaken. This is now proven by Konstantin Kalveram and Michael Rühl, who have already published a helpful companion for the Frankfurt region in their Apfelweinführer (>further information about this book can be found HERE), in her new book "Kartoffeln, Fisch & Federvieh". Here the authors present places in and around Frankfurt where tradition, craftsmanship and high quality still play a major role. Organic nurseries; cheese dairies, organic bakers, meat directly from the breeder, honey from the city beekeeping or spicy from the old spice office of Ingo Holland, the authors have collected 41 selected shopping opportunities on almost 150 pages. The first twenty-three farms are presented with informative accompanying texts and appealing pictures, starting with the most important information such as address, website, opening hours or information on which markets the individual producers can be found. This special shopping guide, which can always be carried along thanks to its handy format, is an enjoyably written book that takes away any desire to go to the nearest discount store and instead whets the appetite for regional products and high-quality delicacies. So if you are in the mood for "potatoes, fish & poultry" or other delicacies, you should definitely take a look at this little book so that you can enjoy your meal without worries. And the inner pig-dogs who, out of convenience, keep you from going to the market or even directly to the producer, are also put in their place by the reading. Enjoy your meal

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