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Rock`n`Roll Fever Edel Verlag

Rock`n`Roll Fever

von: Guido Sieber & Franz Dobler

erschienen: Edel Verlag

am 07.10.2010

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Amazon Link : Rock`n`Roll Fever

The book "Rock`n`Roll Fever", published by Edel Verlag together with Caricatura Museum Edition for the exhibition of the same name by Guido Sieber with texts by Franz Dobler, is much more than an exhibition catalogue. Because the pictures of the painter and passionate record collector Sieber are not simply supplemented by accompanying texts. Rather, there is a very special symbiosis between Sieber's pictures and Dobler's lyrics, which makes the book a great art book, but also an entertaining work on music history.

This is not a lexicon that leads linearly through the history of popular music. Rather, connections are also established here, fashion trends questioned or icons demystified. Dobler, who has written a successful biography of Johnny Cash, comments on Sieber's drawings and paintings, but embeds these comments in a much more extensive context that is difficult for the reader to escape. Because the book, which has become much more comprehensive than originally planned, is written extremely captivatingly and is simply fun to read.

The interplay of text and image works first-class and it becomes clear again and again that two absolute lovers and connoisseurs of the scene were at work here. Seldom does an accompanying book to an exhibition work so well, even completely independent of a visit to the exhibition, as is the case with "Rock`n`Roll Fever". Absolutely recommended!

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