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Sleepless in Frankfurt Societäts Verlag

Sleepless in Frankfurt

von: Annette Lieberum

erschienen: Societäts Verlag

am 16.10.2011

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Amazon Link : Sleepless in Frankfurt

Anyone who has ever strolled across the Zeil in the late evening, over the very place where thousands of people pursue their professions or their consumerism in the hectic hustle and bustle of the day, could almost get the impression that Frankfurt doesn't have much to offer after the close of business and is waiting for the next morning to die out. Even though many people who turn Frankfurt into an almost megacity by day flee to the suburbs or more distant small towns after work, the Main metropolis is anything but a boring place at night. It is particularly worthwhile to look for nightly entertainment of a special kind away from the usual establishments such as theatres, cinemas, bars and clubs.

Annette Lieberum presents such places in her book "Schlaflos in Frankfurt" (Sleepless in Frankfurt) and offers some insider tips, which might even be new to old-established Frankfurters. The two salt healing caves, for example, which offer relaxed breathing after a hectic working day, are undoubtedly among these insider tips. The knowledge that the Panoramabad Bornheim offers seven times a year the opportunity to enjoy a night sauna until 3 a.m., that it is possible to bowl deep into the night at the Henninger Turm or that there are exciting guided tours to the Galgenturm in Bergen-Enkheim also makes this book a real voyage of discovery for real Frankfurters.

This is not only about tips that can provide a special kind of nocturnal experience throughout the whole year. Also special offers, which take place only sporadically, like the Luminale, the long day of the books, the open air cinema of the cult cinema Orfeo's Erben, the Mainfest or the night of the science, may not be missing in this beautiful book. When you browse, it becomes particularly clear how varied the range of evening activities in Frankfurt is. Whether a visit to the Tigerpalast, where the spectators are offered a special variety, a very special "Dialogue in the Dark", special guided tours, the "Citygames", the "Krimi-Schiff" or a look at the stars from the Frankfurt observatory. Step on the gas with indoor karting, take off in the Lufthansa Flight Training Center or enjoy the view of Frankfurt at night from the Commerzbank Tower - all this is possible in Mainhattan.

Who has thus enough of it, each evening before the television to spend, as cosy the domestic couch may be, who looks for once alternation from the urigen apple wine pubs, the loud clubs or the various small art stages, that offer themselves in ?sleepless in Frankfurt? some Tipps, which are presented informatively, entertainingly and compactly. Anyone who complains about boredom after work is to blame!

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