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Soon Christkindsche is taking off! Societäts Verlag

Soon Christkindsche is taking off!

von: Hans W. Wolff

erschienen: Societäts Verlag

am 15.11.2011

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Amazon Link : Soon Christkindsche is taking off!

Showing off pagan Christmas Geschischdscher uff gut Hessisch

Hear your Leud and let Eusch saache, soon you'll be doing it again, the Christmas daage. And if you still don't know what to give as a present, here is the perfect gift tip for all Hessians: The book "Bald kimmt's Christkindsche!" by Hans W. Wolff. "Uff gut Hessisch" Wolff tells the story of "the pagan Christmas story of Mary and Joseph and of the slaane Jesus in the Kuhschdall of Bethlehem". as well as a look into the "Weihnachtsbäggerei", everything worth knowing about the "Niggelees", a visit "uffem Weihnachtsmaggt" or a very special version of "Oh Tannebaum".

Illustrated by Ludwig Nardelli, Wolff leads in an extremely amusing way through the pre-Christmas season and all the small and big rituals that are part of Christmas. With sometimes dry, sometimes biting, but always typically Hessian humour, the annual terror under the Christmas tree is lovingly taken for a ride. The pleasant thing about it is that Wolff almost satirically illuminates rituals, the usual arguments and the "Schenkeritis", but never falls into a cynicism that could spoil the reader's fun at Christmas.

When reading the small "Christmas Geschischdscher" together, reciting the amusing poems or indulging in family Christmas memories stimulated by the book, the visit of the "Christkindsche" can quickly become a contemplative evening of a particularly cheerful kind with the help of the book. For what can be more beautiful at Christmas than laughing heartily or smiling animatedly in the circle of your loved ones? So with this book you can only be right. Festive game tips and explanations of "funny Christmas mortars" are also available. Christmas Eve can come safely

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