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Taunus - Impressions of a cultural landscape B3 Verlag

Taunus - Impressions of a cultural landscape

von: Tina Olbrich und Stefan Lingnau

erschienen: B3 Verlag

am 01.09.2009

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Amazon Link : Taunus - Impressions of a cultural landscape

A visit to the Taunus is always worthwhile. The beautiful landscape, the many picturesque places, the numerous sights, the contrasts between history and modernity, all this makes this region a fascinating cultural landscape. Tina Olbrich and Stefan Lingnau invite the readers with their new book "Taunus - Impressionen einer Kulturlandschaft" (Taunus - Impressions of a Cultural Landscape) to a very special walk through the Taunus, which immediately makes them want more.

After a short foreword and a detour into the history of the Taunus, the book presents various aspects of the region: the cultural cities in the Taunus, such as Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Kronberg, Königstein or Schlangenbad, the enchanting nature, especially the three nature parks Hochtaunus, Naturpark Nassau and Naturpark Rhein-Taunus, and also the many picturesque castles and palaces, such as Burg Kronberg or Schloss Braunfels. In addition, the book invites you on a journey through time in the form of visits to the Hessenpark or the Kubacher Crystal Cave, introduces the animal worlds in Opel Zoo, the Weilrod Bird Castle or the Weilburg Wildlife Park and visits churches and churches. Finally, activities, agriculture and technology of the region will be highlighted and, finally, particularly charming Taunus views will be offered.

The lyrics by Stefan Lingnau are limited to the essentials, but perhaps that's why they capture the character of the region so well. But the great strength of the book are the photos of Tina Olbrich, who herself is at home in the Taunus. Your pictures make you want to immediately leave everything behind and explore the places presented in the book yourself. The cities are presented just as charmingly as the almost fairytale-like landscape. Whether the market square of Idstein or the curious view of a newbie, whether the fascinating view of the Frankfurt skyline from Kronberg or the snow-covered Feldberg, pictures like these make this illustrated book a must for all those who are even remotely interested in the region. The book is not a real substitute for a hike through the Taunus, but it comes damn close!

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