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The 30 most beautiful weekly markets in Rhine-Main Cocon Verlag

The 30 most beautiful weekly markets in Rhine-Main

von: Angelika Bork

erschienen: Cocon Verlag

am 22.02.2013

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Amazon Link : The 30 most beautiful weekly markets in Rhine-Main

Not only because of the many food scandals, which have been uncovered for years with beautiful regularity and spoil the appetite of the consumer, the population is growing the need to know exactly where their food comes from. It is rather difficult to experience this in large supermarket chains. At weekly markets, on the other hand, one often buys directly from the producer, can usually try the goods offered before the purchase and also receives professional advice. But while a supermarket is often found very quickly, it is much more difficult to find a beautiful and market with the right offer. Angelika Bork published with the 30 most beautiful week markets 30 a book, which can be helpful here in entertaining like informative kind.

both the markets in the individual Frankfurt quarters or week markets in bath Vilbel, king stone, Wiesbaden, open brook, Hanau and break Cologne, the book leads the reader transversely by the Rhine Main area and presents thereby also the respective localities in short introduction texts. Clearly laid out facts about the location of the markets, the opening hours and the range on offer, supported by numerous illustrations and short portraits of selected retailers, not only provide a high level of information, but also spray a little of the atmosphere of the respective markets.

Therefore not enough, the author also offers her readers a few tasty recipes that can be easily conjured up with the ingredients available on the markets. These thirteen regional delicacies such as Frankfurt apple wine cake, Dippehas or Frankfurt pudding with bishop's sauce are explained in easily comprehensible steps. Thus also still very beautiful suggestions are ordered to the reader equal, in order not only in the book a picture of the markets to make itself, but around it actually once to visit.

The 30 most beautiful weekly markets is a very charmantes, unterhaltsames and informative book, which makes desire on regional specialities and a cosy market attendance. If you would like to get some ideas or simply browse through a beautiful book about the Rhine-Main region, you should not miss this beautiful market leader. Absolutely recommended!

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