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The Body Book - Health Fitness Beauty in Frankfurt & Rhein-Main Journal Frankfurt

The Body Book - Health Fitness Beauty in Frankfurt & Rhein-Main

erschienen: Journal Frankfurt

am 28.04.2013

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Amazon Link : The Body Book - Health Fitness Beauty in Frankfurt & Rhein-Main

This winter was long and hard. And for many, permafrost was a good reason to retreat into cosiness and put on protective pounds. But with the end of winter and the approaching summer some people will look for a way to get rid of this winter bacon. Others, on the other hand, may just want to relax somewhere after the few hours of spring sunshine to face the summer in a good mood. And yet others are just now taking on the task of finally doing something for their own health. There are many possibilities for all this in Frankfurt and the Rhein Main area. But where to find the right thing for your own needs?

"The Body Book", the new special issue of the Journal Frankfurt, is exactly the right thing. Over 170 pages offer the reader 500 tips for body, mind and soul. Whether "Fit & Active", "Beautiful & Relaxed" or "Healthy and Vital", the magazine offers addresses and important information about fitness studios, spas & saunas, health resorts, day spas, possibilities for yoga, Pilates, massages, acupuncture and much more. Specials on the topics of nutrition, children, teeth and senior citizens, as well as more detailed portraits of Hessian spas, the Hochtaunus clinics and other facilities offer additional information content, which is also maintained in other short articles, such as the discussion pro and contra homeopartie.

Who has gotten after leafing through the special edition desire on it to make something for the own health, Fitness or beauty and to visit one of the mechanisms presented here, at the end also still 36 coupons are ordered, which make attractive 2 in 1 offers and discounts possible.

Whether it's problems with snoring, plans to quit smoking, laser vision correction, tooth bleaching, tattoo removal, the search for pure relaxation, tips on how to take a proper sauna or how to walk gently on your joints, "The Body Book" offers the right answer to almost every question in the field of fitness, wellness and beauty in Frankfurt and Rhine-Main. And we have a deserved one for that: Recommendable!

You will find all further information and ordering options under: Link

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