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The excursion into the history of Hessen Societäts Verlag

The excursion into the history of Hessen

von: Nicolas Wolz und Kristina Ahrens

erschienen: Societäts Verlag

am 28.04.2008

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Amazon Link : The excursion into the history of Hessen

Hessen has always held a very special position in the history of Germany. Since the state of Hesse as we know it today has only existed since the end of the Second World War and the region was divided into various principalities, free cities, counties or imperial abbeys, an excursion into the history of Hesse presents itself as particularly colourful and varied. Nicolas Wolz and photographer Kristina Ahrens take the reader on an "excursion into the history of Hessen" in their book.

From an almost inexhaustible selection of potential excursion destinations with historical flair, Wolz and Ahrens have selected 15 very special sights which are presented in detail in this beautiful book. Whether the castle Frankenstein, the monastery Lorsch, the monastery ruin Bad Hersfeld, the monastery Eberbach or the castle Rheinfels, all these places are presented in text and picture in detail. While reading and looking at the pictures, it also quickly becomes clear why exactly these goals have been selected. Not only do they have a particularly important historical significance, they can also be found in such a beautiful location that a visit is worthwhile in every respect.

Besides the historical background, which is never dry, but refreshingly relaxed and yet sophisticated, the book also provides detailed information on directions, opening times, admission prices and contacts. Filled with very atmospheric pictures, this book is the perfect introduction and companion for your next "excursion into the history of Hessen". This journey through twelve centuries of Hessian history is absolutely recommendable!

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