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The Hesse Cookbook - traditional and typical dishes from all regions B3 Verlag

The Hesse Cookbook - traditional and typical dishes from all regions

von: Text von Michaele Scherenberg, Rezeptbearbeitung und Umsetzung von Armin Treusch

erschienen: B3 Verlag

am 15.06.2011

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Amazon Link : The Hesse Cookbook - traditional and typical dishes from all regions

Hesse is an enormously diverse region, whether geographical, historical or demographic. And of course also culinary, as the "Hessen Kochbuch" (Hessian Cookbook), created in cooperation with the Hessian Ministry of Finance, makes clear in a very tasty way. With texts by Michaele Scherenberg, recipes edited and implemented by Armin Treusch, as well as photos by Michael Rühl, a cookbook has been created that whets the appetite for discovering Hesse in all its culinary facets.

The book is divided into twelve regions, which are briefly presented in words and pictures. Whether Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region, whether the Taunus, the Odenwald or the Wetterau, whether the Rheingau, the Marburger Land or the Rhön, each individual region of Hessen has its own specialities to offer. The Frankfurt Green Sauce is just as important as the popular Spundekäs`, Vogelsberger Kartoffelwurst, "Struh und Lohme", Lumpen und Flöh, Riwwelkuchen or Kasseler Strünckchen. A total of 72 recipes are presented, whereby in addition to the list of ingredients and comprehensible instructions on how to prepare them, there are also a few helpful tips that will intensify the enjoyment of these specialities.

>This is how the reader learns a little more about blood sausage from the traditional "Himmel und Erd`" (Heaven and Earth), for example, or makes a short excursion into the history of baking houses at the Riwwelkuchen, or learns how to clean mushrooms properly from mushroom ragout with dumplings, or gets instructions on how to sew the bags for the "Vogelsberger Beutelches" yourself. Whether light starters, hearty main courses or sweet desserts, the "Hessen Kochbuch" has the right recipe for every hunger and at the same time proves that it is sometimes worth sticking to old traditions.

128 pages

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