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The History of Hessen Societäts-Verlag

The History of Hessen

von: Heiner Boehncke & Hans Sarkowicz

erschienen: Societäts-Verlag

am 22.09.2010

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Amazon Link : The History of Hessen

Hessen, as we know it today, was founded on September 19, 1945. But the history of Hessen and its ancestors goes back to the early days. Heiner Boehncke and Hans Sarkowicz have dedicated this book to this eventful and exciting past. The authors follow Hessian history chronologically, beginning with the early period and concluding with the most exciting events of the 20th century, in a varied and casual design with a high proportion of pictures. The reader meets famous personalities such as Saint Elisabeth, Bonifatius or Empress Friedrich and learns about historical episodes such as the Hessian fratricidal war or the Frankfurt National Assembly in 1848. The chapters are written in an appealing and entertaining way and make "The History of Hesse" an informative and entertaining reading book for all those who want to set off on a journey through time into the Hessian past.

bound edition: 255 pages

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