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The Kleinmarkthalle cooks Nizza Verlag

The Kleinmarkthalle cooks

von: Eva Wolf

erschienen: Nizza Verlag

am 15.09.2007

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Amazon Link : The Kleinmarkthalle cooks

Since the mid-fifties, the Kleinmarkthalle has been an integral part of Frankfurt's cityscape. More than 150 traders offer their fresh produce here every day, making the Kleinmarkthalle an indispensable meeting place for gourmets and hobby gourmets. Specialities from all over the world will be offered under the roof of the hall, reflecting Frankfurt's highly praised multiculturalism. <x>>BR</x>
The wonderful flair of the Kleinmarkthalle, the wonderful wealth of offers and the variety of nationalities that meet here, is paid tribute in a wonderful way in the book "The Kleinmarkthalle cooks". In very nice texts by Eva Wolf the Kleinmarkthalle and some of the local dealers are introduced. The matching recipes range from genuine Frankfurt specialities such as the green sauce (p. 112) or hand cheese (p. 29) to simple homemade dishes such as meatballs (p. 142) to more exotic dishes such as roast beef involtini with pesto filling (p. 141) or Thai granelle soup (p. 77). The recipes are vividly explained and allow the water to run together in the reader's mouth even during simple study. And the best thing about it: you immediately know where to buy all the ingredients you need.

Clearly divided into nine categories (appetizers, salads, soups, pasta, vegetables, meat, poultry and game, fish, desserts), it offers a wealth of recipes that really offer just the right thing for every taste. Whether for the small appetite or the elegant dinner, whether lean or hearty, here there are many tasty suggestions for every occasion and for every palate.

Filled with many wonderful pictures, this book manages to conjure up a piece of small market hall in the living rooms and kitchens of readers. A lovingly compiled cookbook that offers much more than just a collection of recipes. That makes "Die Kleinmarkthalle kocht" an absolute must, not only, but especially for real Frankfurters!

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