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The most beautiful breweries on the Rhine and Main Societäts Verlag

The most beautiful breweries on the Rhine and Main

von: Peter Badenhop

erschienen: Societäts Verlag

am 27.05.2013

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Amazon Link : The most beautiful breweries on the Rhine and Main

For many, the perfect evening out consists of enjoying a cool beer in a convivial atmosphere. Especially after a hot summer day, you can escape from everyday life in a refreshing way. Of course, this does not only require the right company, but also the perfect beer and a pleasant atmosphere. Peter Badenhop, author of two gastronomic guides and two books on the subject of wine, now offers his readers 33 tips in his latest book "Die schönsten Brauhäuser an Rhein und Main" ("The most beautiful breweries on the Rhine and Main") on where to cool your throat the most tastiest and most beautiful way in the region.

The locations presented by Badenhop are located in the entire Rhine-Main area, in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Ingelheim, Erbach, Darmstadt or also Eltville, Bad Orb and Bad Kreuznach. All breweries are rated positively, although there are clear differences between them. To illustrate this, there are 1 to 4 points each for ambience, service, food and beer. Those who are looking for a place to stop off with rustic hospitality and professional service, who appreciate simple cuisine and are satisfied with a small selection of beers will feel at home even in places that have only received one point in all categories. Those who insist on a more upscale ambience, more sophisticated cuisine or a large selection of good beers will then only consider those breweries with the corresponding higher scores.

The individual breweries will then be presented in short texts, which are enriched with a special recommendation, the respective evaluation and all necessary information about opening times, Internet presence or parking facilities (the use of which should of course only be used if not too much beer was consumed). A few appealing pictures and the in-house beer coasters round the 6-page portraits off.

The texts are written very appealingly and catch in their scarcity the atmosphere of the individual breweries well. The versatility of the suggestions presented here is particularly pleasant. Here you will find the right tip for almost every requirement, all of which have one thing in common: they all belong to the "most beautiful breweries on the Rhine and Main". So if you want to enjoy a very special beer in a selected ambience soon or are simply looking for a nice excursion destination, you can warmly recommend this guide!

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