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Dein Event-Kalender für Frankfurt und Rhein-Main
Entdecke was heute in Frankfurt und in der Rhein-Main Region los ist - finde hier die besten Veranstaltungen!
Dezember 2019
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The most beautiful expeditions through Frankfurt: Höchst Societäts Verlag

The most beautiful expeditions through Frankfurt: Höchst

von: Holger Vonhof

erschienen: Societäts Verlag

am 01.08.2011

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Amazon Link : The most beautiful expeditions through Frankfurt: Höchst

With Höchst, the fourth volume of the book series "Die schönsten Streifzüge durch Frankfurt" is dedicated to a district of Frankfurt that has only belonged to the Main metropolis since 1928. And even today, many Höchster still see their district as their own independent city and look towards Frankfurt with a sniff of nose. For many, Höchst was once only the location of the inking plants, which had an enormous influence on Höchst's life and character. After Höchst AG gave up the location, the face and image of Höchst also changed - and not exactly for the best. The area around the pedestrian zone in particular became increasingly less attractive and charming following the closure of the department store and some other countries. Although many positive things have been achieved in this respect in recent years, Höchst still does not have the best reputation.

This part of town - Höchster may forgive me this name - has many beautiful corners and attractive sights that make a visit to Höchst worthwhile. Anyone who has ever walked through the alleys of the old town in snowfall will know how charming this quarter can be. It almost makes you feel like you're in a Charles Dickens novel. But also the old castle, the Bolongaropalast, the banks of the Main, the Justinuskirche, which is even older than Frankfurt Cathedral, the porcelain manufactory, the Höchster Stadtpark, all these are reasons that speak for the attractiveness of Höchst.

Holger Vonhof has compiled many more in his book. As in the previous volumes, this work first deals with the district itself and its history, before introducing sights, special places for shopping and refreshments or cultural institutions such as the New Theatre Höchst, the Valentin Film Theatre or the Jahrhunderthalle. A visit to the "green lungs in Höchst", a walk through worthwhile restaurants or a look at the range of festivals and leisure activities is of course also on the agenda. And of course Höchst has also produced some well-known personalities, which will be presented in detail in another chapter.

A very nice supplement is also the column curiosities & comical , which releases the reader with a smile from the book. So this volume is again a beautiful proof of the versatility of the individual districts of Frankfurt on the one hand, but also of this beautiful book series on the other. Even though the volumes published so far follow the same structure, they are sometimes very different in style - just like Frankfurt! Therefore also for this book applies again: Absolutely recommendable!

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