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The most beautiful guesthouses on the Rhine and Main Societäts Verlag

The most beautiful guesthouses on the Rhine and Main

von: Peter Badenhop

erschienen: Societäts Verlag

am 08.07.2012

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Amazon Link : The most beautiful guesthouses on the Rhine and Main

In times in which trendy restaurants, molecular cuisine, star chefs and international specialities seem to dominate the culinary landscape, a visit to a traditional guesthouse can almost be seen as a deviation from the norm. And yet there are some very special culinary and atmospheric highlights to be discovered, which Peter Badenhop, Gastro journalist of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, has now compiled in a beautiful book.

"Die schönsten Gasthäuser an Rhein und Main" collects 50 "suggestions for a pleasurable retreat", from Frankfurt via Mainz, Hanau, Bad Homburg to Eltville and Mühlheim. Sometimes rustic and traditional, sometimes modern and stylish, this culinary journey through the Rhine-Main region offers many beautiful recommendations, where you can discover well-known inns such as the Friedberger Warte in Frankfurt or the Feldberghof in Schmitten as well as some interesting insider tips.

The respective localities are always introduced by the most important information such as address, telephone number, internet presence, opening hours and parking possibilities, before a descriptive text follows, in which atmosphere and specialities of the house are described in very charming, sometimes most amusing way. Finally, there is a very special recommendation for each inn. Not only do the texts have a good information content and high entertainment value, they also make it easy to identify which audience should feel addressed by which inn.

Whether you like it more sociable or trendy, whether you want to be surrounded by many tourists, or prefer the quiet cosiness, whether it should be a simple bottle of wine or an extensive tasting of fine wines to be celebrated, whether regional classics should be on the plate or whether it should be something out of the ordinary, for each taste and each mind there is the right tip in this book. Informative, entertaining and richly illustrated, this book makes you want to explore "The most beautiful guesthouses on the Rhine and Main". Absolutely recommended!

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