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The Museum Guide Frankfurt/Offenbach Societäts Verlag

The Museum Guide Frankfurt/Offenbach

von: Kristiane Müller-Urban und Eberhard Urban

erschienen: Societäts Verlag

am 27.11.2012

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Frankfurt - this is much more than banks, airports and handmade cheese. Frankfurt also has a very diverse and wide-ranging cultural offering, which, in addition to theatre, opera and concerts, also offers art lovers plenty of places to go. If you thank museums in Frankfurt, the first thing that comes to mind is of course such obvious sites as the Städel, the Kunsthalle Schirn or the Deutsches Filmmuseum, known far beyond the borders of the Main metropolis. The handy museum guide from the Societäts Verlag by Kristiane Müller-Urban and Eberhard Urban, which has now been published in a new, revised edition, proves that the Frankfurt art scene has much more to offer.

Ordered according to museum banks, inner city, Frankfurt districts and Offenbach, the museum guide offers a first-class overview of the larger and smaller museums in and around Frankfurt, detailed information about the location, opening hours, prices or Internet presence, and also provides a brief description of the respective museum. The book is rounded off with numerous color illustrations, which make it a great pleasure to undertake an extended museum tour through Frankfurt and Offenbach.

What is particularly pleasing about the book is the inclusion of smaller museums, some of which should be a real discovery even for long-established Frankfurters. For example, the Hammermuseum (Hammer Museum) is presented, which shows a wide variety of hammers, art objects with and made of hammers, the Explora, a museum for the senses, or the Fire Brigade Museum and the Apple Wine Museum. In addition, there are various museums of local history in the individual districts, which provide a comprehensive picture of Frankfurt's city history.

In addition to updating all the necessary data and also taking a look at the "new" Städel, some new additions such as the Experiminta have also been included in this edition. And the German Museum of Romanticism, which is not expected to open until 2016 in downtown Frankfurt, has already been taken into account here.

This way, the museum guide really offers every interested person exactly the right museum for his or her own interests, but also makes it possible to broaden the artistic horizon by discovering new or previously unknown houses. And it is precisely for this reason that this interesting, helpful and very lovingly designed book is the perfect companion for your next exploration tour of the Main metropolis. Absolutely recommended!

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