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The RheinMain4Family Coupon Book 2020 Trifels Verlag GmbH

The RheinMain4Family Coupon Book 2020

erschienen: Trifels Verlag GmbH

am 01.11.2018

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Amazon Link : The RheinMain4Family Coupon Book 2020

Finally it is there, the new expenditure of the coupon book Rhine Main 4 Family , which 2020  still more mad Tipps for families with children in the Rhine Main area and still more attractive coupons to offer has. The book is a perfect way to discover the many leisure activities offered to families and children in Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden and the surrounding area. In doing so, it offers assistance with two recurring problems: how to choose the right one from the mass of offers? And how can we prevent the budget from being overburdened? The coupon book offers the perfect solution for both. On the one hand, it presents over 100 selected tips for the whole family from various areas such as culture, sport, leisure or gastronomy. And on the other hand the 135 coupons - 15 more than in the past year - then also still make possible to save strongly with the presented Tipps.  

The individual offers are thematically arranged and then alphabetically sorted. In addition to clear information about opening hours, accessibility or the possibility of celebrating birthdays here, the individual tips are accompanied by a concise but informative text and appealing pictures. The respective contact addresses and Internet presences are of course also offered. Even when you first look through the pages, you notice how colourful, versatile and target-group oriented the selection has been. Whether the Holiday Park, the Galli Theater Wiesbaden and Mainz, the Freudenberg Castle or the Loreley-Bob summer toboggan run - there really is something for everyone's taste here. 

Naturally, classics such as the Frankfurt Zoo, the Palmengarten or the Hessisches Landesmuseum Wiesbaden should not be missing. But there are also many new partners this year, such as the Taunus Outdoor School, the Archaeological Museum Frankfurt, the Cryosizer Club or the T-Hall Climbing Hall. It is precisely the balanced mixture of crowd-pullers and insider tips, as well as the enormous versatility of the selected offers, that make this beautifully and lovingly designed book so recommendable as a leisure guide alone. And then there is naturally still the additional incentive of the coupons. &nbspsp;

As introduced in the past year also the 2020er expenditure again a numbered Rhine Main 4 Family Card is attached. This means that the book no longer has to be taken to the respective partner as before. Map and coupon are sufficient, in order to be able to take up the privilege  

With the coupons much money can be saved then actually also. In total, the offers have a value of over 1,700 euros. Even though not everyone will use all the coupons, the purchase of the book has already paid off after family trips to the zoo, palm garden and film museum. And those are only three of the 135 coupon offers  

"Rhein-Main4Family" is worthwhile itself however like already mentioned not only to saving, but also to discovering. Especially for the holidays the book is a helpful companion, which offers many great alternatives to the obligatory park or cinema visit. And therefore applies to all small and large families quite clearly: Absolutely recommendable!!!  

You can order the book HERE

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