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Time for Revenge Gmeiner Verlag

Time for Revenge

von: Sylvia Schopf

erschienen: Gmeiner Verlag

am 02.07.2014

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Amazon Link : Time for Revenge

Shock at the World Cultures Museum in Frankfurt. Here the preparations for the big "Power and Magic" exhibition are in full swing. As if the problems with a small but very persistent protest group and the enormous time pressure weren't bad enough already, the exhibition director Ilena Willecke-Berghaus disappears without a trace in the hot final phase of all things. Has she eloped with a love affair or has she perhaps fallen victim to her extremely jealous ex-husband? Or does the inconspicuous Charlotte Behring, African expert of the museum and new director of the exhibition, have anything to do with the disappearance of her former fellow student? Commissioners Christian Voss and Marina Ewers repeatedly encounter undreamt-of resistance in their investigations, but in their very special way come ever closer to the truth. But the key to the disappearance of the attractive woman lies not on the banks of the Frankfurt Museum, but in far-off Burkina Faso...

With "Time for Revenge," author Sylvia Schopf has written a very entertaining and exciting Frankfurt thriller that takes a truly murderous look behind the scenes of the museum bank. Of course, the story is fictitious. Nevertheless, Schopf succeeds very well in demonstrating the hierarchies and the competition that prevails in the design and construction of large exhibitions. This may be exaggerated here and there for dramaturgical reasons, but makes the pressure of all those involved easy to understand.

Why this works very well in this case, is the way Schopf changes the narrative perspective in some scenes without further ado. The novel is actually told from an observant perspective. But in a few moments the author allows the reader a direct insight into the world of Charlotte Behring's thoughts, in which she appears as a direct first-person narrator. So it becomes clear why Charlotte has such a hatred for the missing Ilena. At the same time the reader is set thereby also (perhaps) on a wrong track, since perhaps some of what happens in Charlotte is only wishful thinking and not reality.

Actually the events in the last third, which plays almost completely in Burkina Faso, take some unexpected turns, whereby the tension can be quite increased. In addition, the book also profits from its Frankfurt local colour and the two likeable investigators, whose mutual cabaret also makes for somewhat more cheerful moments.

"Time for revenge" reads very pleasantly and offers conventional crime food with some very successful and surprising ideas. Above all, the decision to move the event from Frankfurt to Africa at some point gives the whole thing a certain charm. Especially since Voss, a true Frankfurt native with a penchant for fabrics and "best words", has to find his way around a culture that is completely foreign to him. If you like exciting Frankfurt thrillers with a little exotic flair and if you just want to relax with light suspense literature, you should definitely take some "time for revenge". Recommended]

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