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Today is a snail day frechverlag GmbH

Today is a snail day

von: Zeit für Brot

erschienen: frechverlag GmbH

am 13.07.2017

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Amazon Link : Today is a snail day

Bakeries where people bake themselves are becoming more and more rare. But more and more people are realizing that low prices from chains and discounters are attractive, but cannot replace quality. This is why shops such as the bakery manufactory ZEIT FÜR BROT are becoming increasingly popular. Only the best organic ingredients are used and customers can take a look at the bakery, which ensures transparency and credibility. So it's no wonder that users ZEIT FÜR BROT 2016 voted BEST OF BROT Location.

However not only the bread is really delicious here. A very special delicacy are the snails, which are offered in different variants. If ZEIT FÜR BROT is "snail day", then the queue in front of the bar is even longer than usual. And it can also happen that the snails are eaten faster than the supply is ready baked. Reason enough to dedicate an own baking book to these delicacies.   

"Today is Snail Day" first teaches the most important basics with the preparation of different types of dough before diving into the versatile world of sweet, strong, festive or vegan snails. From rhubarb cinnamon snails to burger snails, chocolate snails or vegan pumpkin curry snails to New Year's Eve snails and cheese snails, the whole range of seasonal and flavours is delivered here.  

Naturally not all snail secrets in the book will be revealed. The real TIME FOR BREAD Snails must continue to be enjoyed on the spot, even as the owner of this book. Nevertheless the purchase is worthwhile, because it offers many great tips and recipe suggestions, which really offer the right snail to every taste. A special highlight is the fact that some recipes are provided with a QR code. If you register at and enter the code printed in the book to activate it, you will see some helpful tutorial videos that make baking even easier.

"Heute ist Schneckentag" has become a really nice baking book that presents the recipes in a way that is easy to understand, so that even a layman can quickly bake beautiful and delicious snails. For all who like baking, absolutely recommendable!

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