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Trips to the Taunus Societäts Verlag

Trips to the Taunus

von: Thomas F. Klein

erschienen: Societäts Verlag

am 25.06.2013

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Amazon Link : Trips to the Taunus

30 selected F.A.Z.-Wanderungen

F.A.Z. Wanderautor, who has already taken his readers on "Excursions in and around Rhein-Main", to the Celts and to the Middle Rhine, now invites them to undertake relaxed "Excursions to the Taunus". Thirty selected tours explore the 3000 square kilometre low mountain range in all its facets. The natural diversity, the many sights and the exciting history of the area make a discovery tour through the Taunus a particularly interesting and exciting undertaking. Whether you want to see picturesque half-timbered houses, follow in the footsteps of Celts and Romans or plan to visit castles and palaces, stroll through deep forests, look down on an imposing quarry or climb the Eschbach cliffs - there is something for everyone in this book.

The starting point is usually easily accessible points such as public transport stations. The tours are designed in such a way that there is always enough time to visit museums or sights along the way and to stop off at particularly worthwhile locations. Of course, corresponding tips can also be found in the respective tour descriptions. Klein starts each tour with an introductory text, in which either the history of the places one walks along or the outstanding features are dealt with. These introductory texts are quite informative in their brevity and are written in such an appealing way that the reader quickly feels like putting on his hiking boots and setting off.

This one is easy to find, because the actual route descriptions are written in a comprehensible way and are therefore very clear, as they are limited to the most necessary information. A small map to the respective tours, pictures and a concluding box, in which all important information is summarized once again, not only raise the information content of the book, but also make it extremely appealing for the reader.

Thomas F. In "Excursions to the Taunus" Klein also succeeds in making his readers want to leave the comfortable living room couch, pack his backpack and explore selected regions on beautiful hikes. Whether Saalburg, Hessenpark, Bad Soden, Kronberg or the idyllic Möttauer Weiher near Weilmünster, it's simply fun to find inspiration for relaxed excursions in this book. So if you would like to see for yourself how versatile the Taunus is in every respect and that there are still many new things to discover even in well-known places, this book is highly recommended. Worth reading

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