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Zeitkonserven - Frankfurter Traditionsgeschäfte CoCon Verlag

Zeitkonserven - Frankfurter Traditionsgeschäfte

von: Julia Söhngen (Texte) und Harald Schröder (Fotos)

erschienen: CoCon Verlag

am 12.02.2010

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Amazon Link : Zeitkonserven - Frankfurter Traditionsgeschäfte

One of CoCon Verlag's concerns is to inspire readers with its publications to roam the region with open eyes and to discover the many hidden specialities and beauties that our surrounding area has to offer. This should not, however, be limited to excursions and hikes or to stopping at special gastronomic locations. It is also worthwhile to stroll through the city attentively when shopping. This is particularly interesting in Frankfurt, as there is a small subculture of traditional shops, which are of immense importance for the special character of the Main metropolis.

Such shops are the subject of the book "Zeitkonserven - Frankfurter Traditionsgeschäfte". In her work, journalist Julia Söhngen and photographer Harald Schröder portray thirty traditional Frankfurt shops in which time sometimes seems to have stood still. Here the customers are not handled quickly, customer proximity, quality and advice still count. Whether at the Samen Andreas, the "green thumb of the city", at the toy Meder on the Berger Strasse, between the shelves of the pottery Maurer filled with pittles of all kinds or visiting the Wackers Kaffee at the Kornmarkt, the book captures the atmosphere of the traditional shops honestly and charmingly. This becomes particularly clear when the reader himself has experience with the individual localities. Like the experiences you have as a customer in Klaus Becher's charming grocery store. Even when the little shop is full to bursting with students and business people, you are always greeted friendly, individual wishes are patiently accepted and there is still time for a few nice words. The texts by Julia Söhngen and the pictures by Harald Schröder, which do without great stagings, capture exactly this lovely atmosphere very well.

"Time Canned - Traditional Frankfurt Business" is a wonderful book that radiates a touch of nostalgia, but also melancholy, especially at a time when the cityscape is changing as quickly and drastically as it does at the moment. For the mere fact that one of the shops portrayed here (the Burg Drogerie in Nordend) had to close before the book was published shows that shops like these belong to a dying species, with which a city like Frankfurt also loses a piece of its own identity. Even if the modern shopping temples such as myZeil have a certain charm, they do not constitute the individual character of a city. It is the corners in which time seems to have somehow stood still, which have so far been able to successfully escape the rapid process of change, which shape the cityscape with their unspoilt charm and their adherence to traditions.

The book allows the reader a look at this sometimes very hidden side of the city. And when you walk through the city, after extensive browsing through the book, you more consciously take in the small relics, the hidden or inconspicuous shops. And that should be exactly what this book - in addition to its high entertainment and nostalgia value - should trigger in the reader: the desire to visit these and other traditional shops, to experience the atmosphere suggested in the book for yourself and perhaps to contribute something to the fact that these time preserves will be preserved for a long time to come! And exactly this makes this beautifully designed book absolutely recommendable!

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