Dein Event-Kalender für Frankfurt und Rhein-Main
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Best of Cocktail 2015

We have determined the winners of “Best of Handkäs‘-Aktion 2015"!

For about four weeks, Frankfurt-Tipp searched for the best and tastiest Handkäs‘ in the city and in the Rhine-Main area. You have voted diligently and now the winner of the coveted Frankfurt tip winner's certificate is finally known: Most of your votes went to Apfelwein Wagner in Sachsenhausen. We are very happy for the winning location and congratulate the team on winning the title “Best of Handkäs‘ 2015“! 

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Here are the locations you voted for the first three places: 

1. Place: Apfelwein Wagner, Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

2. place: Atschel, Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

3. place:3. place: apple wine Wagner, Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

2. place: Atschel, Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen

3. place: apple wine Wagner, Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen<x>x>b>2. place:2. place:3. place:3. place: apple wine Wagner, Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen<x>x>x>2. place:2. Place: Zur Buchscheer, Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen   

Our winner for the 100-Euro-Gutschein, which can be redeemed at Apfelwein Wagner, is also certain: We congratulate Mrs. S. Pliske from Frankfurt. Congratulations!

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