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Beautiful Giving - Oh horror, Christmas again

01.12.2017 | 09:17 Clock | Christmas
Beautiful Giving - Oh horror, Christmas again
Beautiful Giving - Oh horror, Christmas again
Beautiful Giving - Oh horror, Christmas again

My goodness, Christmas again. How can that be? Have you guys looked at the calendar? D-E-Z-E-M-B-E-R. Anyway, I got a mighty fright when I realized that exactly zero presents have been bought already. Of course, you may rightly object to whether all this gift-giving is necessary. You know, yes, I am a practical sort. So, people who receive gifts from me usually get useful and practical things for everyday life. I am happy about small presents and ask friends and acquaintances beyond that for a donation for the social projects of my heart. In Frankfurt I love the Tradition of Christmas presents for socially disadvantaged children, which you can learn all about here on Frankfurt-Tipp.

But I don't want to get moralistic here, because I just love giving gifts way too much for that. Or let myself give gifts. Sometimes I just wish for time from someone I haven't met in a long time. When he or she then meets me for a coffee, I feel gifted.

While we all know that small gifts keep friendship alive. So today I wanted to share with you what ideas came to my mind. Maybe some of you will feel inspired.

Now no one has to look horrified. The classic among the practical gifts has been dusted off and comes along in an incredibly good mood: tennis or cycling fans now wear their passion on their feet, ladies always know which day of the week they are on. Well, that's convincing, isn't it? J Available at Ookoko in Sachsenhausen.

You want to meet up again with dear people you haven't seen for a long time? Why don't you just arrange to goose dinner together. I'm a vegetarian, but my colleagues have put together a list of the best places to eat here on Frankfurt-Tipp. Make sure you book well in advance.

You've been dreaming of your own sculpture in your cosy home? Or a completely non-violent roebuck stapled to the wall? The prefabricated components don't have to be glued, but are formed and connected to each other using various plug-in principles. Who thinks up something like that? Only an architect, of course. I give something like this to my friend Britta, who comes from a super talented family of architects. Where? In Sachsenhausen at "Designe Kleine".

· Grie Soß Shirt
If that's not a statement: wearing the ingredients of the beloved Green Sauce on a t-shirt through the world. Comes in the cool color contrast of black and green. I will surely send it to my friends in Japan, who will then impress their friends in Tokyo ;-) Available via Kaufhaus Hessen, Bornheim

Who still remembers the muffs of the 70s? They were those fluffy rolls to warm your hands in when it was cold. In the 21st century, the puffs are now called "Muffelz" and offer not only space for the hands, but also an extra compartment for wallet and keys. Suitable for the stepdaughter as well as for the fashionable among relatives and acquaintances!

If you need more ideas or are interested in fine and original souvenirs from Frankfurt, you will surely find them in my post about it.

OokoKo, Brückenstraße 33 , 60594 Frankfurt

Kaufhaus Hessen, Berger Straße 288, Frankfurt

Designe Kleine, Wallstraße 26, 60594 Frankfurt

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