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Do we love our favorite places to death? Barbecuing in Frankfurt

10.05.2018 | 21:16 Clock | Leisure
Do we love our favorite places to death? Barbecuing in Frankfurt
Do we love our favorite places to death? Barbecuing in Frankfurt
Do we love our favorite places to death? Barbecuing in Frankfurt

Green, barbecue, have a good time - what could be better in your free time? Since I live in Frankfurt, I unfortunately have to do without a balcony. As a passionate barbecue fan we like to open the grill in the city: at the Licht- und Luftbad in Niederrad or, because it is closer, at the Lohrberg in Seckbach. The barbecue area there has an unbeatable advantage, namely the amazing view of Frankfurt. Lately, however, the joy of this beautiful place has been somewhat dampened by the increasing popularity of the barbecue area. More and more people are crowding the limited space.

So are we loving our favorite relaxation spots to death? Frankfurt may be small, but it's big when it comes to green spaces for leisure. Apart from the banks of the Main, the Lohrberg is one of the most popular places for many people. Not surprisingly, Frankfurt's 185-metre-high local mountain in the north-east offers everything our hearts desire: refreshments with a fantastic view of the skyline. The city's own vines grow on the slopes and there is a fenced-off playground. The allotment gardeners garden, everyone can barbecue and even a small "apple farm" called "Main-Äppel Haus" can be found here.

The non-profit Streuobstzentrum houses a small apple shop, has coffee and cake on offer and of course the wonderful meadow orchards. There are regular educational tours which promise stimulating experiences, not least for children! To round off the idyll, there is also a little brook rippling down into the valley.

Taking the shuttle bus instead of your own car to the Lohrberg

And this is exactly where the fly in the ointment is starting to come in. Because far too many of us love the Lohrberg so much and cars clog it up on sunny weekends, the city needs to act: what I find sensible is the cute new shuttle bus "Your Bus to the Mountain". Line 83 shuttles between Lohrberg and Friedberger Warte every 30 minutes, so that not everyone has to drive their own car up the mountain.

But that only allows some of the visitors to be reached, because it's hard to transport barbecue food by bus. In general, the grillers are now so crowded on the Lohrberg that even as a last consequence a barbecue ban threatens! After a grill place in Fechenheim was omitted, the place becomes increasingly scarce. And according to opinion of the city also the customs leave to desire, because some fellow men apparently mean to have to roll with the own vehicle directly into the park. I can only wonder.

So the meadow in particular and the atmosphere in general are threatened with trouble. The city doesn't like the idea of simply setting up the barbecue somewhere else because the meadow has become too narrow. Barbecues have already been spotted in Holzhausenpark, and last week also on the dog meadow across from Ostpark - although I don't care: When the sausage is gone, it's gone, I chirp to the happy grillers ;-)

Soon an end to barbecues?

So is there soon an end to the nice barbecues in the parks? At any rate, the Parks Department promises bright prospects for the East Park, as the barbecue area there is being expanded and enlarged. As far as confinement is concerned, however, it remains difficult, because as everyone surely knows, Frankfurt is blessed with many things, except space. There are a total of eleven barbecue areas throughout the city. Declaring a new place a barbecue spot is easier said than done - because it would have to be found first.

So the Lohrberg offers unchanged a beautiful view, but maybe soon no more for barbecue fans, should they not treat their local mountain more lovingly.

Where do you like to barbecue the most? How do you experience barbecuing in the parks?

MainÄppelHaus, Klingenweg 90, 60389 Frankfurt

"Your bus to the mountain" - line 83

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