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Does it always have to be Christmas tree?

22.12.2018 | 11:14 Clock | Christmas
Does it always have to be Christmas tree?
Does it always have to be Christmas tree?
Does it always have to be Christmas tree?

Three more days until Christmas and I still don't have a Christmas tree! All the presents are wrapped. I can light candles in every corner of the living room in the evening. (Decoration-wise, I have nothing to reproach myself with in this respect.) But I got a little nervous because many of you have been shouldering the Christmas trees and lugging them home for a few days now.

In contrast, I ask myself anew every year until the last minute: Does it always have to be Christmas trees? Only to realize on the 23rd of December that without a fir tree, there's no way to get into the festive spirit. And then I pull my hair out: Where can I get a fir tree at the last minute? And where do I dispose of the dried up piece in January?

Do you feel the same way? If yes, then you have no reason to despair, just ask Frankfurt-Tipp! ;-)

Does it always have to be a Christmas tree? We used to have a plastic tree. Used to as in: We still thought plastic was a blessing and not a curse, as we know better today. The artificial branches sparkled pretty colorful in the corner shelf of my grandparents.

Because I think so long in the Advent season, usually then on 23 December kapiereiere that it does not go without tree at all, I run when almost everyone has already skimmed the most beautiful.

So it seems, anyway. However, the day before last, the day before Christmas Eve, I found a beautiful tree, as small as I wanted, for a whole four euros! It was the top of a tree. And it was the perfect size for my four walls.

What I'm saying is that at all the usual stalls, trees are now so numerous and varied in supply that anyone can get a tree if they want one and are a bit flexible. (Yes, there is always a little catch ;-)) Important: Have enough cash with you.

Whoever is concerned about the eco-balance, of course, reaches for a tree from the Rhine-Main area, does not drive through the area for it, because of the exhaust fumes, recommends for example the environmental organization "Robin Wood" and points out that trees that come from plantations were treated with pesticides - an enormous burden for the soil.

A tree from the dealer around the corner, which should be cut down anyway, does the environment good and ensures a clear conscience.., if it comes from the Odenwald, Taunus or Spessart. By the way: a potted tree usually dies in January just like its felled relative.

Where to put the dreary fir in January?

Every year the trees fly out the window again. At least for some.

If you also want to say goodbye to your tree in an environmentally friendly way, you can have it collected by the waste disposal service, which regularly announces dates for this. By the way, composting and burning is better than landfilling.

The <link https: sandkasten abfall-abc _blank>Frankfurter Entsorgungsservice points out that the tree can please be decorated and shortened to 1 m pieces to the bio bin when the bin is emptied.

So, have a saw ready!

And if you can't decide on a natural tree in the end, if you can't find a suitable one, you can creatively hang a palm tree, use a modern wooden frame or just try it with a few branches.

Do you always have a Christmas tree? When do you put it up to decorate it?

To all my readers, I wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas and a successful start to the New Year. I look forward to reading again on January 2! Your Sabina

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