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Frankfurt: Fresh, fit cheerful - which sport suits me?

12.01.2018 | 21:22 Clock | Wellness
Frankfurt: Fresh, fit cheerful - which sport suits me?
Frankfurt: Fresh, fit cheerful - which sport suits me?

In the morning half past nine on the Main, people with caps jog past me and my dog. Afternoon half past two at the Gerbermühle: the same. Despite the wet air, such a brisk morning run or walk invigorates immensely. A few days ago my friend Olga complained about her tired circulation and ran straight to the sauna. Do you get up well when it's still so dark in the morning? I don't. Even though I still felt like relaxing during the first week of January, the holidays aren't quite over yet, I'm craving light meals, lots of fruit and exercise to get going.

Which, of course, doesn't mean that the inner pig dog is dead. No, it's as healthy as ever. :-) However, I can put him on the chain better since I found the right kind of exercise for me. Some things suit me better and others bore me. Of course, the sloth gene in me has an easy time of it.

What I asked myself with the help of a fitness test:

1. What is my most important goal in exercising
a) To get fit in the most efficient way
b) To relieve stress?

2. How much money can or will I spend?
a) as much as 10 cups of coffee cost
b) as little as possible

3. How much time can or will I invest each week?
a) 4 - 5 hours
b) I don't know how much free time I will have from one week to the next. But probably not more than 2 - 3 hours.

4. What is the most important reason that keeps me from exercising?
a) An injury due to too much exercise
b) Lack of motivation or boredom

My girlfriend and I both answered Balance Magazine's fitness test - with very different results, each fitting our needs exactly. By the way, you can find the complete test <link http: femail article-5254749 what-exercise-right-you.html _blank>here.

Anyway, my mood has improved in no time since I just started jogging two laps in the park again instead of doing a huge program in the gym. Oh, and a<link https: insidefrankfurt s shopping die-drei-besten-saftlaeden-in-der-stadt.html _blank> delicious juice I treat myself to this week too! And for those of you who also love biking as much as I do, maybe just take advantage of the <link https: specials bike-sharing-fahrradverleih-in-frankfurt.html _blank>bike sharing offer!

Which sport suits you? And how do you wrestle the bastard down?

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