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Helau: Celebrate and fast in a different way

25.02.2017 | 08:47 Clock | Celebrate
Helau: Celebrate and fast in a different way
Helau: Celebrate and fast in a different way
Helau: Celebrate and fast in a different way

Ran an die Schlipse was the name of the game for the Weiberfastnacht. Now since yesterday the fools are officially loose. It may be celebrated until the costume bursts, uh or something like that. By the way, if you're looking for inspiration for a costume at the last minute, I've come up with <link https: insidefrankfurt s shopping helau-die-narren-sind-los-fuenf-kostuemideen-nach-beruehmten-frankfurtern.html _blank>Five ideas based on famous Frankfurters . I'm sure there's something in there.

Besides all the yelping, yes I always look forward to the - Kreppel the most. Uh ah oh.yes, that's how it is. Until Ash Wednesday, when everything is over and the last Kreppel is eaten. Instead of celebrating foolishly then firm fasting is announced up to the Easter time. There each humans has so its own conceptions. It must not always be food renunciation. A friend of mine eats as much as ever, but tries to put away her smartphone more often. Abstinence, I looked up - nonsense, what am I typing - googled of course: so abstinence means "to keep away" or "to do without" .

Instead of excess, more minimalist and simple. But an external framework does, after all, make any resolution to abstain immensely easier, I'm thinking to myself. Taking time out in a monastery or going back to the Middle Ages for a few days certainly refreshes the mind and soul as well as one's actions immensely. The good news is that no one needs to book a flight or drive miles to get there. Nope, it's all right here in the Rhine-Main area right on your doorstep!

We are teeming with simply beautiful pilgrimage sites. That's why I've picked out my favourite three for you. In this sense: Helau and a good time!

&middot; The monastery Lorsch- appointed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site from the 8th century, the monastery is already mentioned in the Nibelungenlied. Herb gardens and completely preserved gate and royal hall - the architectural highlight. The monastery has, among other things, the "Middle Ages to participate" in the program.

&middot; Marienthal Franciscan Monastery. Offers day-long "monastery to live with" stays in a 14th-century facility near Geisenheim, near Mainz; not only contains one of the first printing presses, but is one of Germany's oldest pilgrimage sites.

&middot; Ursuline Convent of St. Angela Königstein. Founded in 1884, it was a former girls' school in the Taunus and emphasizes "days of reflection" and offers its guests opportunities for "time out."

&middot; Arnsburg Monastery Ruins. This runs out of competition as a ruin on the list now, because it's also so very beautiful that it's almost too much to enjoy. :-)


<link http: _blank>Kloster Lorsch, UNESCO World Heritage Lorsch Monastery
Nibelungenstraße 32 | 64653 Lorsch
Tel: +49 (0)62 51-5 14 46
Fax +49 (0)62 51-58 71 40

<link http: _blank>Franziskaner Marienthal, Kloster Marienthal 1,
65366 Geisenheim OT Marienthal
Tel.: (06722) 99 58 - 0 (or extension -33 or -26)
Fax: (06722) 99 58 - 13


<link http: geistliches_zentrum.htm _blank>Ursulienkloster St. Angela, Gerichtstraße 2, 61462 Königstein,

Tel.: 06174-938120

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