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Helau: the fools are loose. Five costume ideas based on famous Frankfurters

05.02.2016 | 07:47 Clock | Celebrate
Helau: the fools are loose. Five costume ideas based on famous Frankfurters
Helau: the fools are loose. Five costume ideas based on famous Frankfurters
Helau: the fools are loose. Five costume ideas based on famous Frankfurters

Erdbeerkostüm ist ausverkauft, vom Lauch hängen noch wenige auf der Stange. This weekend, the foolish hustle and bustle slowly but inexorably builds towards its climax, until it's all over again on Ash Wednesday. We are in the mood to celebrate, what still needs to be clarified is the question of disguise. As a garbage bag again? Does the meat costume from last year still fit? So shortly before Rosenmontag we want to dance at every wedding and appear as original as possible.

So if the vegetables are already grazed, but the sailors and cowboys are out of the question for obvious reasons, something else has to go: So why don't we go as famous Frankfurters and Frankfurterinnen? We're not talking about Petra Roth or Peter Feldmann, the mayor of Frankfurt; nor are we talking about Markus Frank, the head of the Department of Economics, or Sarah Sorge, the head of the Department of Education. No, glorious but deceased personalities would come into question. When choosing a person, we should of course first of all consider the era. Because era=costume! Elaborate costume probably means renting. Everything else can be improvised with own means. We have on offer:

1. Maria Sybilla Merian. The beautiful travel magazine is named after her. The painter and renowned naturalist lived in Frankfurt in the 17th century as well as in Holland. Hairstyle? Just twist everything on your head into little parallel sausages, tie the back into a bun. Merian is considered a leader in insect research, especially for the butterfly. So why not add some wings. The age was marked by the lavish rococo and Mozart's lace shawls. Currently, puffed sleeves are back in fashion. So put together a voluminous top paired with a wide, long, puffy skirt. Don't forget the wings somewhere later in the evening!

2. Ludwig Landmann. Anyone who regularly drives west on the A66 knows the exit at Rödelheim, named after the liberal local politician of the Weimar Republic. At the beginning of the 20th century, things were still buttoned-up, Victorian and stiff. Stand-up collars and cutaways are therefore the costume of the moment. Will a suit wearer of today complain about the tight ties again afterwards? ;-)

3. Theodor Adorno. Philosopher. We indulge in clichés now, it's carnival after all, and simply decide not to shower or change our clothes until Saturday. We borrow our nickel glasses from our cousin and don't greet anyone anymore, because we're brooding about the things of the world.

4. Suzette Gontard. The Hamburg woman died in Frankfurt and is buried in the main cemetery. Unhappily married, she preferred to indulge in amorous fantasies with the poet Franz Hölderlin in letters to him. Hölderin, who was employed as a teacher in her household, returned the affection. But there was no happy ending to their happiness. Consequently, with this costume, a suffering expression is a must. Pictures show the lady in a simple dress with a round neckline. Then still the hair with a wide cloth of velvet completely but artfully hide; almost nun-like and in view of the secret love very refined. Possibly tack a few quills on the turban.

5. Leopold Sonnemann. One of the main streets of the Ostend is named after him. A go-getter of a man. Very resourceful hairdresser, but requiring some effort on the gentleman's part. Ideally, a perm <x>Ampersand</x>agrave; la minipli at the hairdresser with a centre parting, a wig will probably do. Mr. Sonnemann liked it hairy and let his catweasel beard grow almost to shoulder height. He was a contemporary of Landmann; so the same outfit. But to differentiate, just stick the costume with lots of banknotes, book pages, and newspaper clippings.

Do you have any costume ideas yet? Do you change the costume every year? Write me on <link https: sabinasceanbluestyle _blank>facebook or <link http: wentomanderley _blank>twitter!


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