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Ice cream maker Aroma with the latest ice cream trends of summer 2018

20.04.2018 | 08:21 Clock | Enjoyment
Ice cream maker Aroma with the latest ice cream trends of summer 2018
Ice cream maker Aroma with the latest ice cream trends of summer 2018
Ice cream maker Aroma with the latest ice cream trends of summer 2018

You know how upgrades work, right? Instead of always flying economy, we finally catch business class or even better, first class. Once you experience that, you never want to go back to economy. I felt the same way about the ice cream shop I tried this weekend. Those temperatures! The sun! The blue sky! It was screaming for delicious ice cream.

I discovered <link https: geniesser-tipp s geniessertipp die-aroma-eismanufaktur-begeistert-jetzt-auch-frankfurt.html _blank>"Aroma", an ice cream shop near the Main River. Since then I don't want to eat ice cream anywhere else! Because the Bahnhofsviertel has really been waiting for a shop like this. It fits perfectly with the hip bars and cool gourmet shops, which also seems to have gotten around, because last Saturday every table outside was occupied. Everyone wanted the ice cream from "Aroma".

Some may think now - what's with Sabina, ice cream is ice cream. That's what I thought too. But I was so wrong I tell you. So what is it about ice cream at "Aroma"?

I have to start a bit unusual and say: The service is wonderful. Attentive and friendly. If you can't make up your mind, as I did, with the twenty-plus flavors that are usually nicely decorated in the display in front of you, you rely on the staff's recommendations. I wanted "something fruity" and was served a sensational composition: Mango Alfredo, raspberry and Yuzo ginger. Sounds exotic? It is. Especially when it comes to the exceptionally intense taste. The mango ice cream was velvety, the raspberry berry and ginger mixed with real fruit pieces. I also have a confession to make: I love lemon ice cream. And after the first, delicious surprise, I treated myself to the "Amalfi Lemon" variant. Boooom! While ginger comes along gently on the palate, the Italian sour fruit is immediately present.

The ice cream of my dreams is creamy and very fruity.

Naturally, I've brought you a few more special tips: on your next visit, why not try the varieties: "Riesling Nil" - made with original Riesling from the top Palatinate "Weingut am Nil" converted into ice cream. Or how about "Salted Butter Caramel"? Because you can't get more melting and sinful than that. However, thanks to the addition of sea salt, the ice cream is not sticky sweet, but ideally balanced. The new brother of the classic "Salted Peanut", so to speak.

Now you surely understand why the magazine FEINSCHMECKER recently named the ice cream factory Aroma one of the nationwide (!) 40 best. But the two Italian owners are not resting on their laurels, but are constantly developing their range with motivation and passion.

The guiding principle for them is not only a contemporary range. No, they also take into account the latest nutritional trends: consciously low sugar, vegan ingredients and so-called "superfoods" are on the rise. The AROMA celebrates taste and composition as it should be for a manufactory.

Other than that, the menu is pleasantly unagitated and focuses on the essentials. So at coffee hour you can order a lovingly prepared cappuccino with Brussels waffles. Whoever comes to visit me in Frankfurt will be invited by me in the future for an ice cream in the AROMA Eismanufaktur!

<link https: geniesser-tipp s geniessertipp die-aroma-eismanufaktur-begeistert-jetzt-auch-frankfurt.html _blank>Aroma Frankfurt

Windmühlenstraße 14

60329 Frankfurt

Opening hours: 12pm to 7pm

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