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If I were a fool of Frankfurt - The fifth season in Frankfurt

17.02.2020 | 08:39 Clock | Celebrate
If I were a fool of Frankfurt - The fifth season in Frankfurt
If I were a fool of Frankfurt - The fifth season in Frankfurt
If I were a fool of Frankfurt - The fifth season in Frankfurt

At the bakery, the delicious Kreppel in the display tempt with streamers, the orthopedist in Seckbach decorates her support stockings wildly and colorfully, and my friends hop around on Instagram in Pippi Longstocking costumes.

There's no doubt about it anymore: the fifth season is in full swing. Not long now, then the procession moves through Klaa Paris (aka Heddernheim), the gentlemen get the ollest ties out of the closet on Weiberfasnacht and the fools hammer emphatically on the city hall door to take over the city.

And to make sure you don't miss any of it, has Frankfurt-Tipp put together a nice overview of Fastnacht in Frankfurt for you.

Colorful hustle and bustle with tradition

People may stand to the festivities in February as he or she likes, something must be there, in a tradition that is maintained since the Middle Ages intimately!

Shortly before the beginning of Lent, we do it again quite colorful.

But in the colorful hustle and bustle is until today proper rebellion against the prevailing order. Because critical statements were forbidden in the 19th century, people met in secret and expressed themselves in a funny way.

With the Elf, the carnivalists show the church and its TEN commandments a long nose.

Because whoever exceeded them was called a "fool" back then.

On Weiberfastnacht, the city then belongs to the women. Cutting ties and taking power - even in signs of the equality we strive for, this is still an act of liberation.

My carnivalistic view of a day as a Obernärrin in Frankfurt

.For one day at least - on Weiberfastnacht, when the carnival is buzzing and the carnival bütt is shaking, I lie down on my bed, loosely based on Rio Reiser, and imagine what it would be like if I were not who I am - but Obernärrin von Frankfurt. (De facto, of course, your Tollitäten rule, but more on that later.)

What would I do, then, if I were Queen of Frankfurt?

More than socks and cars no longer stink, I would decide completely car-free. For that, I ordered heaps of the droll, self-driving mobiles at the RMV.

These little things then criss-crossed the city, maneuvering us all from A to B quite easily. All steered by means of an app.

Right big would also be the local ferries, which would be fully integrated into my well thought-out traffic concept to swing road users from Hibbde- to Dribbdebach.

Not like Rio Reiser, I would drink a glass of bubbly first thing every morning. Hello? No, I'd enjoy my Mispelchen. ;-)

And finally connect a city pool on the Main, too. Because I think to myself, what Zurich can do, Frankfurt can do too!

I would hang out in the Oosten, day in and day out - Get around a lot, would also travel to the USA, and not bite anyone in the calves. But I would ring the Liberty Bell in the twin city of Philadelphia.

As the head fool of Frankfurt, I would of course decide that every new mother from Bornheim would receive a romper suit from the local football club from now on - sorry, dear Eintracht. But, what goes too far, goes too far. In Bornheim reigns the FSV, there is the romper white and blue.

Good cards for this advance I would have with the carnivalists certainly, but Prince Jonas I. is a Bernemer boy! :-)

If I had only 24 hours as the head of the Main, then there would be free admission to every yoga studio, I would hold court in the presidential suite of a luxury hotel once, the catering would be African and the tea of course Arabic.

All this and much more, I would do if I were foolish in Frankfurt'

If you ruled over City Hall, what would you do? Where is the best place to party on the Main?

A post by Sabina Brauner

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