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Last minute gifts

18.12.2015 | 10:52 Clock | Gifts
Last minute gifts
Last minute gifts
Last minute gifts

Every year Christmas scares us with its arrival. What, that time again? Shockwerenot. No paper, zero presents, and not a single card written yet. Only the delicious cookies from Mutti we have already eaten before the 4th Advent. Not that I want to spread hectic here, but who broods seven days before Christmas Eve without ideas before itself, which is now helped here to the timely package. On our Christmas tours - yes we are the shopping nerds this year, which is due to the fact that all gifts wanted to be sent to the world and there the post is merciless with its deadlines, but then also on time - we liked one or the other. So if you're running out of days now, you'll not only find what you're looking for here at InsideFFM, but you'll prove to be original-imaginative and give the gift of local color.

- Gift giving makes you happy. Even happier is combining the pleasant with the "useful". Therefore, the brother, father or best friend is happy about a snazzy headgear with Frankfurt logo. Seen at Kaufhof.

- No one can get past the Gries Soß'. Those who, like us - yes, it's out now - couldn't quite warm up to it yet, will certainly be convinced by this year's highlight at "Whisky Spirits!" in Sachsenhausen: mixed with the trendy drink gin, it turns into a culinary surprise dinner!

- If you're strolling through the Christmas market again now, you should definitely grab it! Namely with the cups. The current model shows namely Frankfurt museums from Städel to the Film Museum and the Goethehaus. For 2.50 euros, to give away or for your own commemoration of the holidays for the whole year.

- While we're on the subject of art, it's always worth a visit to one of Frankfurt's many museum shops: from colorful leather purses to board games and art prints, you'll find much that our hearts desire.

At this point I wish all Frankfurt-Tipp - and InsideFFM readers a happy holiday season as well as a healthy and successful New Year! I thank you for the numerous comments and suggestions and hope for continued lively exchange in 2016.

Sabina Brauner is on twitter @WentoManderly and FB.

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