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Book Fair and Van Gogh - Frankfurt? Capital of Culture!

07.10.2019 | 10:07 Clock | Free time
Book Fair and Van Gogh - Frankfurt? Capital of Culture!
Book Fair and Van Gogh - Frankfurt? Capital of Culture!
Book Fair and Van Gogh - Frankfurt? Capital of Culture!

Were the cars just in focus, October offers really sensational cultural events. The book fair and the Van Gogh exhibition really make Frankfurt the cultural capital of Germany, if I may say so with all due modesty.

What do I do in Frankfurt in October?

A lot of Scandinavian moments, better said Norwegian moments, bring us the book fair right at the middle of the month.

As someone who studied literature as a child with a flashlight under his blanket and devoured his favourite books like "Hanni und Nanni", I find the Book Fair naturally wonderful.

For all of you who write, blog or podcast yourself, the Book Fair is of course an indispensable place: From bloggers to podcasters to self-publishers! The fair is from 16.10. the place to be!

Discover Norway's world: More than crime novels and fjords

However, the stimulating experiences for us are not limited to the fair. And because we on the Main are cosmopolitan people anyway, there is a great opportunity, thanks to the idea of the host country, to learn something about a new culture. So it's Norway's turn in 2019.

What do you have in mind? Fjords. Oslo. Royal House and thrillers. As you can see, there's still some air up there.

So the Museum Angewandte Kunst has dedicated its entire exhibition space to "HOUSE OF NORWAY".

"The Dream in Us" is the motto of the Norwegian Guest of Honour appearance at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Crown Princess Mette-Marit has taken over the patronage and is honoring us with a visit to the opening in Frankfurt.

The motto is based on the poem Das ist der Traum by the Norwegian author Olav H. Hauge. More than 100 authors have signed up for the Messer. The focus is on nature and the environment, Sami literature and culture, freedom of expression, feminism and equality, as well as diversity and identity in a changing Europe.

Ach, and crime thriller fans watch out: Jo Nesbøs only appearance in Germany will of course take place in Frankfurt.

And seven book places that are not so easy to find, had I already introduced you here before.

My personal insider tip:

A reading I've already noted is "borderline experience. 20,000 kilometres in 259 days" by Erika Fatland, who was born in 1983. For her latest book, she travelled along the Russian border through 14 (!) countries to examine their respective relationships with their politically dominant neighbours.

 The Art Thriller: Magic Van Gogh

As if that weren't enriching enough for one month, the Städel-Museum brings us a week later, on the 23rd of October. October its ingenious coup:

Who thought that after the Monet exhibition hardly still a larger highlight can come to Frankfurt, may let itself be taught a better one - Van Gogh comes to the Main. And because he belongs to one of my favorite painters, I am already very curious!

Naturally I know that some of you see such big events critically. Personally, I am simply looking forward to the enjoyment of art. About the magic of Van Gogh, the power of his art and colours and what it can do to us, I have blogged here before.

Painting, Drinks, and Digital

In fact, with "MAKING VAN GOGH" the museum offers a large-scale presentation of one of the most famous artists of all and tells of his special role as a pioneer of the Expressionists and modern painting in Germany: If the Dutchman's works were not already worth seeing, the Städel shows them together with seventy other works by Max Beckmann, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (the first artist to inspire me with Expressionism), Otto Dix, Paula Mendelsohn-Becker and many others.

I especially like the supporting program and it makes me feel like painting and more.

My very personal insider tip:

*Vincent Vibes, The Party for the Exhibition on 2.11. or would you rather go on a rendezvous with Van Gogh in exclusive company outside opening hours with drinks and chats? Possible 9.11. You have a visitor who only speaks English? Great. Do something together on 13.2. at "Art Talks".

Multimedial the exhibition is of course also reachable, made possible by the FAZIT foundation about and the podcast "Finding Van Gogh" everywhere there are podcasts.

Do these events make Frankfurt the Capital of Culture? What do you prefer? Picture or book?


Van Gogh, Städel-Museum, 23 October to 16 February 2020. For all opening hours, ticket prices and events:

Book fair, host country Norway, 16 to 20 October 2019.  For all opening hours, ticket prices and events and more literature tips:

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