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Chicks, rabbits and Co. - 9 colorful ideas that arouse the desire for Easter

23.03.2018 | 09:11 Clock | Celebrate
Chicks, rabbits and Co. - 9 colorful ideas that arouse the desire for Easter
Chicks, rabbits and Co. - 9 colorful ideas that arouse the desire for Easter
Chicks, rabbits and Co. - 9 colorful ideas that arouse the desire for Easter

Oh, you big egg - it's Easter again, some might think. Another is happy - because no matter if it is snowing or stormy, at home the cheerful colours and the joie de vivre come in. Everything blossoms, everything sprouts - soon we can celebrate long evenings with friends outside again. No more mud and cloudy winter days. A promise is in the air! So I'm looking forward to Easter, who's happy with me? Of course, many also celebrate the holidays as the highest church festival. To the fairs and church services All interested people will find the dates here.

What do you do at Easter? I'm a huge egg fan. The rest of the year, too. I prefer to stay away from the sweet offers of the supermarkets, otherwise there is no stopping me anymore. Everything that is oval ends up in my shopping basket. ;-) I find colorful eggs particularly beautiful, because they spray life with their colorfulness. I don't have to hide eggs. Even the attempt would be doomed to failure, because my dog would have sniffed and swallowed everything in no time….

All around the egg

Beside the traditional egg hiding, Frankfurt offers so much at Easter, that I have collected today for you everything I like. Perhaps you also…..

· Hidden places not only for the little ones, but also adults had I already introduced you here in the InsideFFMBlog. I love these corners as ever. Especially beautiful for discovery tours at Easter.

· To the eternal question: „What was first there? Chick or egg? I don't know the answer. But be there when the chick hatches out of the egg, we can: At the Bornheim Small Animal Breeding Club! A unique experience for children. Parents can enjoy homemade cakes and delicious coffee.

· What I've always wondered: Why is there an Easter bunny? Hm…that's where the spirits quarrel. The most plausible theories I've found are: Rabbits reproduce especially in spring like rabbits (Attention: deliberate pun). And early animals were represented at Easter, the hare exclusively from the 17th century on. In addition, eggs are also a symbol of fertility.

· Send Easter greetings? No problem. No problem. Those who want to show their friends and relatives that they are thinking of them can send an electronic message. The city of Frankfurt has once again thought of everything and set up a greeting card page. Especially cute is the “proud bunny“. ;-)

&· Greening is not’s: Season start for the Green Sauce is - of course - Maundy Thursday.

· If the weather plays along, a round over the Dippemess mit Riesenrad and candy floss is certainly worthwhile.

· Stadtgeläut not only at Christmas. No, even at Easter, 50 bells ring from ten churches in the city. The order is fixed - the Paulskirche begins, the Kaiserdom tunes in at the end.

· It can't be any more colourful: seeing Frankfurt with children's eyes is the title of an exhibition in the Junge Museum.

· If you don't want to deprive your children, rabbits and other animals from your visit, you can make a detour to the zoo, which offers an eventful programme for Easter Sunday and Monday, including handicrafts and tours.

How do you like to spend Easter? Write us on Facebook!

Stadtgeläut, 31.3.2018, 16:30 Uhr bis 17:00 Uhr, Römerberg, 60311 Frankfurt.

young museum, Saalhof, 60311 Frankfurt

Chicks hatch in the small animal breeder association Bornheim: 23. until 24.3.2018, Bornheimer Hohl, 60385 Frankfurt.

Dippemess Frankfurt, Ratsweg 12, 60386 Frankfurt

Zoo, Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 1, 60316 Frankfurt

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